Let’s Look – 4/14/21

Happy Wednesday! It’s a work and learn from home day in our house which I love. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can do my work right here.

It’s the second Wednesday of the month so that means I’m sharing a look at something in my life for Let’s Look.

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In January we looked at coffee bar areas. I don’t drink coffee but I shared some of my favorite cups/mugs/tumblers.

In February, I shared my love language.

Last month I shared my perfect night in.

This month we are taking a look at our refrigerators and pantries. I am super glad that this wasn’t the topic for last month because my pantry looked like this.

That space next to the fridge it right where the pantry belongs.

It was right in the middle of the kitchen and here were the contents of my pantry. Dining room table, who needs to eat on one of those??? Not us apparently.

On Friday, April 2nd the kitchen and new dining room were painted marking 375 days since we tore parts of the kitchen apart to find/fix a leak and eventually have the whole house repiped. The great news is that everything is back in the pantry and now I can share it with you.

Our townhouse had a lovely two door pantry with floor to ceiling shelves and I had no idea how spoiled by it I was. Here is our main pantry in this house. It is a tall cabinet and the cabinet on top it.

The top cabinet holds breads, peanut butter, treats, and all the mixins for smoothies – chia seeds, açaí powder, flax seed, matcha powder, etc. It also holds the two pitchers we use with the Ninja to make smoothies.

The bottom cabinet shelves are:
Top: baggies, food wraps, clips, tea bags
Second: chips, oatmeal, applesauce pouches, cereal bars
Third: granola bars, crackers, pasta, GF baking mixes (we love Krusteaz brand), and taco shells
Bottom: cereal, pancake mix, flour, sugar, chocolate chips

When we put the kitchen back together, I decided to use the cabinet over the fridge for overflow storage. It’s hard to reach, but it will be a great spot to hold extra granola bars, crackers, drink mixes, and other boxed items. I also store our extra vitamins up there.

When we moved in this wire rack was hanging in the basement steps. The previous owners used it as an extra pantry and I do to. I keep canned goods, a bunch of spices, dip mixes, oil, syrup, Pam, vinegar, and gum here.

As I typed out where everything goes, it seems so random. When I put groceries away or use things to cook, it seems like everything is in the perfect spot. I was actually so surprised how unorganized it seems typing this.

We have two refrigerators. One in the kitchen and one in the garage. They are both side by side models which isn’t my favorite, but they both work (knock on wood) and we didn’t pay for either of them. I really hope I didn’t just jinx that. 🙏🏽 🤞🏽 🙏🏽

The garage fridge holds drinks and overflow items. I keep extra milk, butter, cream cheese, cheese, sour cream, eggs, and yogurts in there.

Our kitchen fridge is sort of organized. Most of the condiments are on the door. Cheese and meat in the cheese drawer. Fruits and veggies in the crisper. We always have three kinds of milk in the fridge – almond milk, 1%, and whole. I usually have an 18 count package of eggs in the fridge too. I try to keep it organized but eventually I lose a baggie or container of leftovers in the back and find it when it’s past its prime.

I can’t wait to see what everyone keeps in their refrigerator and pantry. I didn’t include my freezer but it’s full of beef, chicken, shrimp, fish, fruit, vegetables, and leftovers. Every few months I take everything out, inventory it, and reorganize the freezer. It does keep me from buying things unnecessarily but it is a cold, cold job.

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

10 thoughts on “Let’s Look – 4/14/21

  1. Patty says:

    I so need to go into my freezer and clean it out and inventory it. Such a dreaded job. Thanks for showing us your pantry and fridge!


  2. rawsonjl says:

    Oh I bet it feels wonderful to have everything organized again. What a beautiful pantry. I love those pull out shelves.

  3. jgalvinwhite says:

    Perfect timing for your post and kitchen being organized again! I’d be lost without my basement fridge. It used to just hold drinks but as the kids have gotten older, I apparently need more milk, eggs, etc

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