Let’s Look – 11/11/20

Happy Wednesday! It’s Let’s Look Wednesday and we are taking a look at holiday menus today!

So far this year we’ve looked at my bedside table,

My winter wardrobe,

My purse,

Easter at my house,

My desk,

And our school pictures.

I shared our normal Thanksgiving menu a few weeks ago. My mom makes an incredible Thanksgiving dinner and she loves to do it! We have a roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, canned asparagus, cranberry jelly with ridges, sweet onions, John Cope’s corn, Brussel sprouts, homemade rolls, a relish tray, and gravy. We have pumpkin and apple pie for dessert.

But the real meal prize of the holiday season is Christmas Eve dinner. Growing up we used to have steak and grilled shrimp for Christmas Eve dinner. Then my sister developed an allergy to shrimp so my mom would make her homemade lasagna. It was so yummy.

I’m not sure when we made the switch but our current Christmas Eve dinner is everyone’s favorite! We have a cradled rib roast with potatoes cooked around the meat. We’ve moved Christmas Eve dinner to my house so that the boys can go to bed at a semi decent hour. Now, my parents spend the night so they are here on Christmas morning. It is such a delicious meal and we take our time and enjoy it. We have a roast big enough to cook for the whole hour of church. I’m already looking forward to it!!

About five years ago, I decided we aren’t having Christmas dinner anymore. We have yummy appetizers and snacks throughout the day. The kids are big enough that they can feed themselves when they’re hungry. My parents go home and come back for dinner. Jeff’s parents come over in the afternoon and we enjoy everyone’s company and eat whenever you’re hungry.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about all the yummy food!! What’s on your holiday menu?? Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Joanne says:

    I stopped cooking a Christmas eve dinner a few years ago when I passed the hosting duties onto my mom. We actually discovered that we get home and in bed earlier when we aren’t hosting! We enjoy a big family brunch on Christmas morning so that’s where I focus most of my attention now and have even made incredible overnight homemade cinnamon buns.

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