Let’s Look – 9/9/20

Happy Wednesday! I am linking up with Shay and Erika to share our back to school pictures. We started school on Tuesday and it was a great day. We had some glitches but they got worked out and we are ready to go back (to our computers) tomorrow.

This year Jeff has to be at work super early, so it was just the three of us in the morning. Jack is starting 6th grade. Luke is starting 4th grade. I am starting my 19th year and my 8th year as a media specialist. This was set to be our first first day of school where we didn’t all go together in 4 years, but guess what?? We are all still together – in the house.

Usually my guys wear new collared shirts on the first day of school so I know that they have nice shirts that fit for picture day. This year they both asked for Vineyard Vines t-shirts and we went for it. Virtual school = more casual wardrobe.

Our school system is virtual for at least the first six weeks. We’re slated to go hybrid after that. We’ll just wait and see what they tell us to do.

Here’s Jack! He is excited about middle school! I set him up in the guest room upstairs. He did such a great job yesterday troubleshooting any tech issues and being independent. I got to sit in the hallway and listen in a bit to each class and it was so nice to still feel connected to his schooling. (I’m not a helicopter mom, but I’ve worked at his school since first grade. It’s a big adjustment for me.)

Jack opted to start the day in pj pants because no one in school would seem them. By the hour lunch and recess break he was back in his usual shorts.

I did sneak a picture of my necklace/top/shorts today while I was checking in with Jack.

You know that cardigans are the hero cape of librarians, right?? 😊

Here’s Luke! He was so excited for school that he was up almost 2 hours before school started!! He’s excited to have three teachers in 4th grade. Really, he’s excited about everything!!

Luke is learning at the dining room table so that he’s pretty close to my desk.

Jack has an hour break in the middle of the day and Luke has 90 minutes. Luckily they overlap so the boys have someone to play with. While the weather is nice, I am making them go outside for the whole time. We are even eating lunch on the deck.

I love me some front porch pics!! I wish I had though ahead to find the ones my mom gave me from my first days of school. Oh well, it’s the beginning of school and my brain wasn’t focused on that. Sorry!

Here are some more, just because I love them!

Sweet buddies!! These pictures really show how much they are growing up!! As my wise friend Kerry said, “I hope everyone can feel good about their first day!” I think we did and I hope your family did too! I’ll see you back here on Friday to share some favorites!
Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    I would absolutely be kicking my kids outside on any nice days for screen breaks too! Sounds like it’s going well though. Hopefully you can transition to hybrid and that all goes well too. We started out hybrid and our school reminds us constantly that we could be fully distance at any time…

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