Let’s Look – 1/8/20

Happy Wednesday! I’m joining one of my favorite link ups today – Let’s Look with Shay and Erika.

To be honest, I love this link up because I am curious. Some may say nosy, but I’m going to stick with curious. I love to see how other people do things, arrange things, organize things, and celebrate things. I usually find a great idea and evaluate how I do it. This month we are sharing our bedside tables, or nightstands as we call them in my house.

Here’s mine:It looks a little different since Jeff and I went on our annual post-Christmas organizing, purging, rearranging spree. One thing I did as part of that spree was move most of my to read books to one shelf. Here it is:At least 10 of those books were stacked up on the bottom of my nightstand. You can add them back in your mind if you’d like, but I love having my to read books together. It’s like having my own personal bookstore and that brings me a bunch of joy! 😉

Ok, back to the nightstand. Across the bottom, I have a collection of books. Some are books for the kids (Olympics, Hop on Pop), some are books for me (the rest), my original nook, a few notebooks and thank you notes (I may have a stationary problem – whatever, it brings me joy!), a photo album from our honeymoon, my travel journal, and my boys’ maps to mark the states they have been to. I keep my Dammit Doll close because you just never know when you are going to need her. Those two gray boxes are our garage door alarms. We have quiet open garage doors so we can’t hear when they open or close. These alarms beep when the doors open or close, beep if you leave the garage door open, light up green for open/red for closed, and have a button to open/close the garage doors. They came with the house and I have come to appreciate them. This is the first house I’ve lived in with a garage so I don’t know what it would be like to not have them.

The drawer isn’t huge but it fits exactly what I’d like to keep in there. On the left there are luggage tags and my passport cover and my rosary. A Lilly coozie because you never know when you’ll need one 😉 and a Lilly clutch. Down the middle is my old Fitbit. I keep it to track my sleep since I charge my Apple Watch over night. On the right are some special cards from the boys and my bookmarks. That pink pouch with the green bow holds my safety pins. I seem to accumulate a bunch of these from running. I slide my travel cord keeper on top on the right side. It is one of my favorite purchases of the past year. I love how organized and easy to find my cords are when I use it! I also keep my book light in the travel cord keeper so I always have it with me.

I may have had a few more books stacked up here before moving them to my to read shelf. I always keep a drink on my nightstand. I love this cup so much, but I don’t use it at school so it is perfect for my nightstand!

The left side is closest to my bed. I keep my gratitude journal and a book we are reading with the boys here. I also have my phone and watch charger and the book I am currently reading. I put Vaseline on my lips every single night before I go to sleep so it is ALWAYS on my nightstand.The right side has a few magazines that I need to catch up on and my kindle so I always have something to read, even if I finish my book in the middle of the night. And tissues, what is a nightstand without tissues???

That’s my nightstand. I can’t wait to see what everyone else keeps on theirs. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!!

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