Easter 2020 – 4/14/20

Happy Tuesday! This is coming out later today because I’ve been working on my computer all day for work. I’m struggling a little to get my planned posts done because some days I don’t want to sit in front of a screen for one more minute. Alright, off to the real reason I am here today – EASTER!! We made the best of our social distancing/stay at home Easter weekend.

We are a family that dyes eggs before Easter. This year we dyed them on Good Friday after dinner. It was a great way to end the night together. We dyed eggs two ways this year. We always use Paas dye kits. They are easy and I know they are going to make great looking eggs. We dyed 36 eggs using the neon kit and a shake kit. The neon kit was the regular kind where you drop the egg in. The shake kit involved liquid dye, uncooked rice, and zipper bags. You could double dye the shake/rice eggs and made some cool colors. Jack made our one traditional gray/every color egg.

Usually our holiday involves rushing to 7 am church so we can get a seat and enjoy mass. Then we head home for our egg hunt and Easter baskets. After we finish at home we get together with my family or Jeff’s. Later in the day we see the other family. I sometimes feel stressed to fit in both sides of our family on every holiday. This year was definitely different. I missed hugging everyone!

It was a little strange to wake up on Easter and not feel rushed at all. The boys played a little bit upstairs and then we all came down for the egg hunt. All these new holes in our walls from the new pipes/leak made for a few new hiding places for the Easter Bunny (silver lining). Then we sat down to watch mass on tv. We decided to watch mass from the church where we first belonged when we got married. Both boys were baptized there and it was sweet to see it during mass. We decided not to get dressed up this year, but the boys kept it a little fancy with their blazers over pjs.

We did decide to drive over to Jeff’s parents for a little bit. We wanted to see his parents and grandmother for Easter. The four of us hung out in the driveway and visited for a little bit. We kept our distance (2 driveway blocks) but it was still nice to see them.

On our way home, my family was doing a zoom chat. We haven’t gotten together with my mom’s sisters and my cousins for Easter in years. It was so nice to see them and celebrate Easter. We laughed, answered trivia questions, and had a great time. Not to brag, but my cousins are FUNNY! I can’t wait to see them in real life soon.

We tried a new recipe for Easter dinner and it was AMAZING!! Our friend Chris recommended his rib rub and cooking technique (oven, then grill) and I am so glad he did! We had broccoli, salad, and deviled eggs with ribs. We missed our traditional dinner with family, but enjoyed our yummy feast!

I kept it casual but did my best to show some Easter spirit. My clothes looked like an Easter egg and I was rocking my Cora’s Den bunny necklace.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! I am glad we stayed home because it is looking like our social distancing is working a little bit. We are still looking for silver linings and found some on Easter Sunday.

Easter Monday brought the weirdest weather – tornado warnings/watches, thunderstorms, and the brightest sunshine around. We did a big clean in the morning and showed the boy The Princess Bride in the afternoon. The boys drew with chalk while I was reading on the driveway when the sun came out. Jeff attempted our first home haircuts Monday evening. He did a great job touching up sideburns and necks.

Tuesday was back to the routine – morning school, afternoon strength and agility work, and lots of outside play. I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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