Friday Favorites – 5/29/20

Happy Friday!! We have a virtual Field Day at school today and I am so excited! My kids got most of their work for the week done already so we can just play games and have fun like a regular field day! I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika to share my favorites from the week.

Favorite 1: SUNSHINE!! Oh my goodness, this weather has me so ready for summer!! It has been hot and sunny at least part of every day and it makes me so happy! Sunshine just makes every day better! We’ve played outside, read outside, eaten outside, and exercised outside. I am loving it!

Favorite 2: BOOKS!! I’ve read 8 books so far this month and I think I’ll finish at least 1 more before the month is over. I shared them all on Wednesday, but you can always check out my books page.

Favorite 3: POOL!! Maryland is slowly opening more things up and outdoor pools were just announced. If you’ve been here in the summer, you know that our pool is a big part of our day. Every. Single. Day. I’m on the board of our pool and I am so excited that it is going to open. The governor said that we can open as of today at 5, but we aren’t quite ready. I am so excited that it’s coming!! We’ve been over there a few days this week working to get it ready to open and it just makes me grin!

Favorite 4: GOLF!! A few weeks ago, Maryland re-opened golf courses with social distancing practices in place. Our house let out a giant cheer and Jeff and Jack were on the course the very next day. The boys can’t play or practice any of their other sports with their teams right now, so golf is coming through for us! Jeff and the boys play at least twice a week and I usually join them once. Everyone always comes home happier, more pleasant, and tired from the golf course. That makes it a practically perfect activity these days!

I may not be a great golfer, but I love a great golf outfit.

Favorite 5: FARMS!! We back up to a farm field. We never know what they are going to plant – corn or soybeans. The boys still get so excited to see the big machines planting and harvesting in the fields.

Favorite 6: RED, WHITE, & BLUE!! We celebrated Memorial Day weekend a bit differently this year, but we still embraced the red, white, and blue.

Favorite 7: SUMMER NAILS!! I picked up this fun summer color and I love it! It is an Essie polish and screams summertime to me!

That’s all for the week! I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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