Tuesday Book Release Day

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a happy, healthy Memorial Day weekend! We sure did! It’s Tuesday which means new books come out today!! There are 2 that I am excited to share with you!

Girls of Summer by Nancy Thayer

Lisa Hudson feels more alive than she has in a long time after hiring hunky carpenter Mack Whitney to renovate her old Nantucket home. There’s no denying the spark growing between them–despite the fact that Mack is ten years her junior. But her twentysomething children, Juliet and Theo, on the island for the summer, worry that the new relationship will only lead to Lisa’s heartbreak.
Yet Juliet and Theo are in for tangled love stories all their own. When dreamy Ryder Hastings moves to the island to pursue a new environmental venture, Juliet feels an unwelcome attraction, her rocky romantic history pushing her to steer clear of love. Theo only has eyes for Mack’s daughter, Beth, with whom he was bound by an unspeakable tragedy in high school–but can they overcome their past?
By August, when an impending storm threatens to shatter the peace of the golden island, everyone discovers what they can and cannot control.

**Summer Beach Reads 2020 pick**

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner

Just after the Second World War, in the small English village of Chawton, an unusual but like-minded group of people band together to attempt something remarkable. One hundred and fifty years ago, Chawton was the final home of Jane Austen, one of England’s finest novelists. Now it’s home to a few distant relatives and their diminishing estate. With the last bit of Austen’s legacy threatened, a group of disparate individuals come together to preserve both Jane Austen’s home and her legacy. These people — a laborer, a young widow, the local doctor and a movie star, among others — could not be more different, yet they are united in their love for the works and words of Austen. As each of them endures their own quiet struggle with loss and trauma, they rally together to create the Jane Austen Society.

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!!

**Synopses are from the author’s websites.**

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Book Release Day

  1. Kari Maddox says:

    I am going to need you to let me borrow Nancy Thayers book 🙂 Elin Hilderbrand and Nancy, are the best summer reads 🙂
    I asked Elin this winter at a book signing, if they were enemies, living on a tiny island and both being NYT best sellers….she said “oh nooooo….we just have an age gap and are in two different phases of life with kids/grandkids” and I was so happy about that answer 🙂

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