Hello Monday – 1/28/19

Happy Monday! I am writing this post feeling refreshed and relaxed after a great weekend! I am linking up with Heather and the Hello Monday girls to share my weekend.

At about 6:30 on Friday evening, my friends, Kerry and Jamie, and sitter arrived at my house and I was so ready for all three of them to be there! Kerry, Jamie, and I were headed to the beach for the weekend and our sitter was there to hang with the boys until Jeff got home. Jack and Luke love our sitter. She’s a freshman in college and we were pretty excited that she was still home for break. They ate dinner and played board games until bedtime.

The girls and I hit the road and had a great ride down. Even though we text every day, it is so nice to have our conversations in person. We laughed, discussed, planned, and analyzed the whole way to Lewes, Delaware. The ride is about 2 1/2 hours so we arrived a little after nine. Four of our other friends were already at the house when we got there so we settled in, opened some wine, and started catching up. By the time we all went to bed around 2:15 am, all eight of us were there enjoying our girls’ weekend. The house was so cute and beachy. I was excited to be sleeping under the sun all weekend!

On Saturday morning, after lounging on the couch for a while, Jamie and I decided to get our Rock Star run done. This was our sixth flower run in the series and our 8th virtual Fellow Flowers run. We went down to the water and through a neighborhood. We walked and ran 3.5 miles. Then I headed out for a 2 mile run. I went straight back to the water for my run. After two visits to the ocean, I could feel myself relaxing and being rejuvenated. There is just something about seeing, smelling, and hearing the ocean that changes my state of mind.

It may have been too cold to take my shoes off, but my toes did get in the sand, under my comfy socks and shoes. 😉

We all got ourselves ready and headed out for a tasty lunch and a visit to one of my favorite bookstores. Bethany Beach Books did not disappoint! I found 2 books I’ve been looking out and can’t wait to start reading them!

I found a way to get a little more ocean time while some of the girls went to get the car. It was chilly, but there was enough sunshine to warm my cheeks a bit.

We headed back to the house and took naps or rested, read some, watched some tv, and hung out. I read this magazine to get ready for our evening fun!

The only plan for our evening was our Favorite Things party. You can check out the other Favorite Things parties here and here. I’ll recap our favorite things later this week. I will say it was a good one! “This is our best favorite things yet” was repeated over and over!

On Sunday morning, I was planning on running to the sunrise but I slept too late. I was not one bit upset! I did head back out for a run to the beach for one last ocean moment.

Then we packed up the cars and headed home. Jeff and the boys were having a pretty chill day and we kept that going for most of the afternoon. We had my niece Tessa’s birthday party that evening. It was a bunch of fun and the perfect way to wear the boys out before bed!

I am still reading The Library Book by Susan Orlean. It is so interesting, but I must say it’s slightly stressful. Reading about a disastrous library fire is not calming for a librarian!

I hope you have a great week full of sunshine and books! We are expecting a little snow this week. If we do get a snow day, I have big plans for reading all day!!

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