What’s Up Wednesday – 1/30/19

Happy Wednesday! I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to share What’s up with the Parsons lately.

These questions will give you that sneak peek into what’s up.

Monday – Leftovers: baked pasta and the last of the Mexican Guts
Tuesday – We had a 3 hour early dismissal for snow so we had a big late lunch and dinner was some fruit and veggies & dip
Wednesday – Chicken and rice
Thursday – Maybe breakfast for dinner, I have no idea.
Friday – pizza
Saturday – Declare It Day appetizers
Sunday – Super Bowl treats

Snowy fun

Baby Jack

I am loving all the girlfriend time I’ve had lately! Taking classes at the gym, chatting in parking lots after dropping kids off, and my weekend away have been so much fun!

I headed to the beach last weekend with seven girlfriends. I shared all about it here.

The kids have been playing lots of basketball.

Luke made his First Reconciliation.

I am not really dreading much at all. I’d love some warmer weather, but I am enjoying my sweaters so the cold isn’t so bad yet. Ask me at the end of February and I will probably have a much different answer.

We are in the middle of our school wide book club. The whole school is reading Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein. It is a great family read! Jeff’s been reading the chapters to the boys most nights and everyone is excited to find out what happens to Kyle and his friends.

I am planning my annual Declare It Day get together. I love getting together with the girls and thinking about what we want to achieve. This year we are looking at commitments we want to make and what we can achieve with that commitment. Here we go!

We are working on our summer calendar and I can’t wait for the fun and trips we have planned. The kids are going to do a few camps that they are excited about. We have our annual five family beach vacation planned. We are also taking advantage of Jack’s free National Park Pass and heading to at least 2 national parks. Check out the Every Kid in a Park program – it is a free pass for 4th graders and their families to visit national parks, waterways, and many other cool places for kids.

I decided to start watching Sex and the City from the beginning. I am in the 4th season and this show is still great. The fashion is a little dated and the smoking has definitely fallen out of fashion, but the themes of the show hold up. I am loving it. I watch it on the treadmill, before bed, when the kids go to bed, pretty much whenever I know there is no chance of kids walking in while it is on. The entire series is free on Amazon Prime Video.

We are watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Jeff and I have watched 3 episodes. I love it. I have been donating or consigning clothes, shoes, and bags as I pull them out of my closet and they do not bring me joy. I haven’t committed to getting all my clothes out at the same time and I’m not sure I will. I also haven’t touched my books. They bring me joy and I lend them out to friends and family all the time so I am keeping them!

Jeff and I are also working through the first season on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon. We love it!! We both laugh out loud in every episode. I am pretty excited that we have the whole second season to watch too!

I am still reading The Library Book. I like it and I find it very interesting, but it gives a little anxiety. Librarian reading about a library fire – yikes! I am getting into the story of the people involved and that part is very intriguing!

I finished The Glass Ocean and loved it!

I finished Seven Days of Us and loved everything but the ending.

I read The McAvoy Sisters Book of Secrets and it was great too! That book comes out in July. Keep it on your list of books to read.

I read A Long Pitch Home for school and now Jack is reading it. It is an eye opening read from the perspective of an immigrant student in America.

I am squeezing every last song out of the Billy Joel channel on Sirius XM radio. It is only available through January 31st so we are listening to as much as possible. The kids have learned the words to a bunch of my favorite songs and we are having kitchen dance parties to Billy Joel!


I have been loving my Lands End pjs! My mom got me some for Christmas and they couldn’t be cozier!

I have been loving my workout gear, especially my 7/8 leggings. I wear them for anything around town and for working out at the gym.

I have been rocking some leggings with tunics and open cardigans.

I had faith in the flakes – hooray for snowy delays and early dismissals.

These cute shoes are possibly on the chopping block. They give my heels blisters and I can’t decide if I want to go with bandaids on my heels or consign them.

I am loving my new coat from Lands End. It is so warm and I love the color. It goes with everything!

Luke starts indoor soccer so he’s pretty excited to have his first game. Both boys have basketball games. Luke has a birthday party in Westminster so I get to enjoy my favorite chicken cheesesteak and a trip to BJ’s while he’s partying. Saturday evening I am hosting some of my girlfriends for Declare It Day and I love seeing them! On Sunday we are excited to watch the Super Bowl. It’s such a late night and a school night that we are going to watch at home this year.

I love celebrating Valentine’s Day with my people. All the love and hearts make me smile!

We are thinking of getting rid of cable and using streaming services for our tv. This is our trial week and everyone seems to be able to watch what they want to. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts on it? I’d love to hear what you’ve learned!!

Here’s a big surprise for everyone – Jeff and I give the kids books for Valentine’s Day. Jeff and I exchange the same cards every year. We write a new message in them and then put them away for next year. We don’t do much with candy but we always give Reese’s Hearts, my favorite!

Have a great Wednesday full of sunshine and books!!

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