Friday Favorites – 4/27/18

Holy cow! This was one long week!! But we made it to FRIDAY!! Hooray!  As I sing on our school announcements – Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day!!


I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites today. Here we go…

Favorite 1 – RUNNING!! It’s official! I have fallen all the way back in love with running! I am officially a challenge runner (2 races in 2 days) and it was so much fun! I am so proud of all of us for such a great weekend of running!! I will definitely be signing up for another challenge!  I took it easy for a few days this week and I really missed it.  So Thursday night, I hit the track and ran a quick 4 miles.  The sunset matched my dark pink flower and I felt totally worthy of the time I took to run.


Favorite 2 – BOOKS!! I love to meet new authors and hear what they have to say about books they’ve written and read.  This weekend I met Kristy Woodson Harvey and am now reading her book, Lies and Other Acts of Love.  It’s wonderful and she was super charming!  I also picked up her other books Dear Carolina and The Secret to Southern Charm. I really love independent bookstores, too.  I spent some time in Bethany Beach Books in Delaware this weekend and picked up The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth, The Heart of Henry Quantum by Pepper Harding, and The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner. I am so excited to get reading! I am also looking forward to meeting Dottie Frank (Dorothea Benton Frank) and read her new book By Invitation Only.


Favorite 3 – SPRING SHOES!! The sun is finally shining and warming Maryland up a bit.  I broke out my new Sperrys yesterday and they are super comfortable.  They are a perfect shoe to transition from winter to spring/summer. They are the Macy’s exclusive perforated Sperry and I highly recommend them!


Favorite 4 – SUNSHINE!! This sunshine has been wonderful! Yesterday I spent some time playing catch with Jack and Luke.


On Wednesday, Jack and I did our own team triathlon – He biked with me while I ran and then he went to swim team practice.  I recently picked up a few new Skirt Sports skirts and am thrilled to finally be able to wear them!


Favorite 5 – BIRD EGGS!! We have a robin (I think) that built a nest in my wreath. I usually try to move the nest or dissuade the birds with forks in my wreath, but this one managed to build a nest this weekend.  On Thursday afternoon, we had 2 eggs already.  In the past, we’ve had 5 eggs and watched as the birds hatched, grew stronger, and finally flew away.  The boys loved it and we are all looking forward to our sweet baby birds!


That’s it for the week! I am looking forward to 4 baseball games and 2 soccer games this weekend.  My school has Battle of the Books tonight and I think it is a perfect way to keep celebrating School Library Month.  I am documenting my School Library Month shirts on Instagram, @sunnyscp, all month long.


My first 15 days of School Library Month.

I hope everyone’s weekend is full of sunshine and books!!

☀️ 📚 😎

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  1. Alex M-S says:

    Independent bookstores are great (but perhaps I’m biased since I work in the industry)! It’s independent bookstore day this Saturday! Have a great weekend 🙂

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