Hello Monday – 4/30/18

I cannot believe that this is the last day of April! I am joining Johannah, Heather, and Lindsay to say Hello Monday!


We had a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine, books, sports, and friends!

On Friday night, Luke joined me at the Battle of the Books.  This event is a partnership between our local public library and the school libraries.  Students study 10 books for months. Then, all of the teams from the 5 elementary schools in our area come together to answer 40 very specific questions about those 10 books.  The kids go all out for the event. They make T-shirt’s, wear costumes, and some even have stuffed animal mascots at the battle.  This year a team from my school won and it was very exciting! I am so proud of all the students for working so hard, studying these books, and encouraging each other to be great readers!


Jack had a basketball game Friday night and Jeff is coaching his team.  He came home with a big grin because the team got a big win and Jack scored a few points too! It was a great start to our sporty weekend!


Jack’s baseball team was supposed to have a doubleheader on Saturday, but the fields were under water so we had a surprise, unscheduled morning and early afternoon at home.  It was such a gift!  Jeff played golf and I spent some time catching up with life around the house. The kids chilled on the couch and watched some tv for a little while and then headed out in the warm sunshine.


When Jeff got home, I got out to go for a run in the sunshine.


I tried out my finisher’s hat from the half-marathon lat weekend. I am not so sure that I am a trucker hat girl.

Then we headed over to Luke’s baseball game.  Jack and I dropped Luke and Jeff off for warmups and went to visit A Likely Story, our local bookstore.  Saturday was Independent Bookstore Day and I wanted to support our favorite independent bookstore.  I picked up A Nantucket Wedding by Nancy Thayer, but I won’t start it until school is out.  Check out my Summer Beach Books post to find out why. I love our bookstore and they do so much for our community and school!  I am so thankful that we have them on our Main Street!


New book in hand, Jack and I headed back to the baseball field.  Luke was playing in the field when we got there.  He did a great job and had an amazing catch when he was the pitcher.


After Luke’s game, we dashed home to change and head to a birthday party and Jack’s soccer party.  The warm weather was cooling off quickly so it was the perfect chance to wear my new sweatshirt dress from Lilly.  I was so comfy and perfectly warm!  We had a great time at the parties. I got to hold this sweet 7 month old baby for a while!  It was so wonderful! He had that baby smell and an adorable smile!



Saturday night was a late night so the Parsons slept in on Sunday morning.  It was a chilly morning and all four of us enjoyed some quiet time together.  Luke had a soccer game at 11 and I was coaching.  He had a lot of fun because there were a bunch of kids from his school on the both teams.  Luke had a great goal in the 4th quarter and the Fireballs ended up winning 1-0.

Then we headed to Jack’s baseball game.  I decided to use the warm-up time to get my run in.  Sunday was day 484 in my run streak.  There was a trail that started right at the baseball field so I decided to give it a try.  It was hilly and gravel, but it got the job done.  Jack did a great job in his game!  I was so proud of him. Jack has been working really hard on his hitting and had a big hit! His grin was a mile wide when he got on first base.  Apparently coach noticed too because he got the game ball at the end!


The boys needed new sneakers so we headed to Dick’s and then to Mission BBQ for dinner.  I had never been there, but I am most definitely a fan now.  This was Jack’s, Luke’s, and my first visit and we loved it! The boys tried all of the different BBQ sauces on their sandwiches and wolfed down their dinners.


The pulled chicken and pork were so yummy!


After dinner, we headed home for early showers and bedtimes to be ready for a fun week.  We checked in on our nest and found that we are up to four eggs! I can’t wait for the sweet baby birds to hatch! We love checking on them each day.


The boys have baseball games on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week.  I am excited to watch them play, but I spent a lot of time Sunday night getting ready for the week.

Today is the last day of School Library Month! If your kids have a school librarian (oh I hope they do!) that you think is doing great things (oh I hope they do!), why not send her or him an email today to let them know? I know he or she will appreciate it! I have been focusing on poetry and my students wrote amazing poems throughout the month!  I have also been wearing all of my library inspired T-shirt’s.  Check them out on my instagram, @sunnyscp.

Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

☀️ 📚 😎

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