Friday Favorites – 10/6/23

Happy Friday! We had a great week. It was busy, but there was a lot of good stuff! So, let’s get to my favorites.

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Favorite 1: JEFF! We celebrated Jeff’s birthday on Tuesday night. Luke and I stopped by the high school to watch a little soccer before heading to Jeff’s parents’ house for dinner and dessert.

He asked for lemon squares and we love the Krusteaz brand for gluten free baking mixes.

Favorite 2: BOOKS!! Oh my goodness, did we have the best time on Wednesday night!! The Friends and Fiction podcast came to town to celebrate Mary Kay Andrew’s new book Bright Lights, Big Christmas. Kristen Harmel and Patty Callahan Henry were also there. I haven’t met either of them before so it was great to hear what they had to say and to chat with them afterwards. My mom and I went together and I saw a bunch of friends there!

Favorite 3: SUNSHINE!! I am absolutely loving this second summer weather. It’s been hot and sunny and it makes me so happy! I thought these bracelets were perfect for a little more summer.

Favorite 4: JACK AND LUKE! Luke and I have been on the road a bunch this week. We’re having a great conversations in the car and enjoying our Harry Potter book. We’ve also been cheering Jack on at his water polo games. Jack played really well this week and I am finally starting to understand the sport. It makes it so much more fun to watch!

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We have a sporty weekend and I am hoping the rain holds off while we have to be outside. I am also hoping that we can all be in bed early tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday night. The Parsons have had way too many late nights and are ready for a sleep catch up weekend. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Joanne says:

    What a fabulous week! We celebrated my husband’s birthday with a little party on Tuesday this past week too. That book event looks wonderful.

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