Amazon Lately – 10/3/23

Happy Tuesday! Before I get to the Amazon, I want to wish Jeff a happy birthday! Today is his big day and we are celebrating him! Jeff likes to keep it low key so that’s how we are doing the day. Watching a soccer game with Luke, dinner after school with his parents, and then he’s taking Jack to practice. Family time and sports are his favorite!

I am linking up with Tanya to share what I’ve been Amazoning. There are always some good finds in the linkup so be sure to visit the other blogs there!

Phone Cases

I have two phone cases that I love but they are showing some wear and tear so I decided to pick up a new one. And that led to getting three. Oops! I do love the bright pink, bright orange, and purple though.


I always use a Popsocket and I like them to match my phone case. I ordered a few and found a few at Walmart.


Luke needed four 1.5 inch binders this year and it was too much to carry in his backpack. A friend had one of these and I decided to order them for Luke. Am I thrilled to be buying something to replace perfectly good binders? Nope, but they are making his day a bit easier and his backpack more manageable so I’m okay with it.

Ice Maker

I ordered a different ice maker in the spring and had it replaced in the summer because it stopped working. When it stopped working again this fall, I called it quits. Tina recommended this one so I gave it a shot. The ice is much better and it is still working. Fingers crossed!


Luke needed new headphones for school and these have been a great choice!

Legal Pads

I finished the legal pad that came with my Lilly portfolio and needed a new one. I am a little picky about the quality of paper and ripping from the pad. These are great and will last me a long time! The color is very subtle and add a little extra touch of fun!


I needed a new chair for my desk at work and decided to try this one. It is so comfortable and rolls really well on carpet. Jack has this one on his Christmas list for his room.

Drumstick Bag

Luke added another set of mallets for his percussion classes this year. This bag is perfect for storing, protecting, and transporting his mallets to and from school.


As prime members, we get access to one free eBook each month. I also subscribe to BookBub and get an email every day with deeply discounted or free eBooks in my selected categories. Recently I’ve ordered:
The Christmas Cupid by Jennifer Joyce
Penelope in Retrograde by Brooke Abrams
The Castaway by Stephanie Taylor
It. Goes. So. Fast.: The Year of No Do-Overs by Mary Louise Kelly (audio)
Bomb Shelter by Mary Laura Philpott (audio)

I had a pretty good Amazon month. I bought some necessities and some fun items. I am anticipating my Amazon purchases for the rest of the year to be a good mix of gifts and quick purchases of things we need. Have you started Christmas shopping? I have a few things, but I feel a little behind already. Yikes!!! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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9 thoughts on “Amazon Lately – 10/3/23

  1. Holly Binda Breton says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to Jeff! Guess what? Rob shares his birthday! We are celebrating our guy here too today 🙂 I have the same desk chair in white- great investment- excellent back support and very comfy!

  2. Adrienne Patenaude says:

    I see everyone with fun pop sockets. i have a loopy case but this wants me to go back to a popsocket

  3. Little House of Sonshine says:

    I love pop sockets for my phone and I agree about the matching!! I recently put one on the back of my kindle – game changer! Do all Amazon Prime members get a free e-book each month? How do I find that? Loved your haul!!

  4. Little House of Sonshine says:

    I love pop sockets on my phone and I agree about the matching! I recently put one on my kindle, and it’s been a game-changer! If I have Amazon Prime, do I get a free e-book each month? How do I figure that out? Loved your haul!

  5. Tanya says:

    You can never have too many phone cases…ha, ha! Those big notebooks are so hard to carry…looks like you found a good solution! Thanks for linking up!

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