Fashion Files – 9/21/23

Happy Thursday afternoon! I was writing this yesterday and the day just got away from me. So here I am am late in the afternoon! I hope you’re having a great day! It’s Fashion Files Thursday so I am sharing what I’ve been wearing. It has been a while since I’ve done a fashion files post, but I am back to school so I am back to wearing real clothes every day. I am still on a mission to wear what I have, but only if I love it! Everything in my closet is on it’s last chance. If something doesn’t feel super when I put it on or wear it all day, off to the donate or consign pile. Documenting my outfits each day is helping me make sure I am wearing more of what’s in my closet. Let’s see what I’ve been wearing.

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Thursday – school day and Back to School Night #3

Tank, comfiest pants ever, sandals. I am slouching a little because this was A DAY!! I had a full school day, dashed to Jack’s water polo game, and dashed right back to school for Back to School Night. I made it home at 8:15, over 13 hours after I left the house.

Friday – school day

Reading shirt, old jeans, sneakers

Saturday – visiting with family and cheering on JMU

Lilly skort and top, Reef flip flops

Sunday – nothing to do!

I hear these Surfstyle shirts and jackets are coming back. I sent my sister a picture because she has the same shirt. It’s our week and I was wondering if we were twinning. We weren’t – bummer!

Monday – school day and soccer practice

Powersoft dress, Canyon sandal. You might be getting tired of this dress, but I am not! It is perfect for school and so comfortable!

Tuesday – school day and a water polo game

Old Gap Cardigan, Amazon shirt, DSG skort, favorite no show socks, sneakers

Wednesday – school day and my FOURTH and final Back to School Night of the year.

Same old Gap cardigan, Amazon shirt, skort, sandals

Bracelet stacks of the week from Gray Co.:

And since we are talking about fashion, I found this and I am sure it is true!

That’s what I’ve been wearing this week. What was your favorite? Any tips of ways to mix it up or try something new? I’ll be back tomorrow with my favorites from the week. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. thisblondesshoppingbag says:

    Okay, I am LOVING the colorful styles. The skirts, the dress, the accessories – especially the monogram necklace. I swear, throw on a monogram on something and I head over heels!!! Thanks so much for linking up with Fashion Files!

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