Friday Favorites – 8/18/23

Happy Friday! I can’t believe it is Friday already! This time is flying and I do not like it one bit! This next week needs to SLOW DOWN because I am not ready for my pool days to end! I have some favorites from this summery week to share with you, so let’s get to it!

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Favorite 1: FAMILY!! We had a great long weekend with both sets of parents last weekend. We all went to Ocean City, MD/Selbyville, DE for two golf tournaments. We have been on vacation with my family a bunch and with Jeff’s family a bunch, but never together. It was great!!

Favorite 2: JACK!! Jack had one heck of a seven day stretch and he crushed it!! He had a golf tournament on Tuesday, water polo tryouts Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, a golf tournament on Sunday, and a golf tournament on Monday. He was prepared for all of them, but that is a lot physically and mentally. I am so proud of him! Water polo is a brand new sport for him and he made JV. We are all so excited for the season!

Favorite 3: LUKE!! Luke wins the best brother award this week. He cheered Jack on at his tournaments, even though it was hot and he didn’t feel so good. He is also stepping up his responsibility this week. He’s tackling his morning list and adding a few other chores each morning just to pitch in.

Favorite 4: POOL! We have been getting to the pool as much as possible. Yesterday was a tough one. Three of our favorite lifeguards are heading back to college and it was their last lifeguarding day. I just love our lifeguards and how much fun our kids and the grown ups have with them. Our pool is truly a family pool!

Favorite 5: STUDENTS!! I am not ready for school start yet, but I do love my students. I have seen quite a few of them around town and it’s so good to see their smiles! I was on my evening walk on Wednesday and ran into a student that was hoping to see me on her walk because she wrote me a letter! I have the best job and I love working and living in my town!

Favorite 6: SKY!! We’ve had a few gorgeous sunsets lately.

The sky at the beach was lovely, too. I didn’t make it out for sunrise, but sunshine on the ocean is one of my favorites.

Favorite 7: ROUTINE APPOINTMENTS!! Ok, so this wasn’t really a favorite because my goodness it’s uncomfortable, but I am going to use this time to do a little PSA. I had my annual mammogram this week. It took 18 minutes from walking into the office to walking out to my car and is worth every minute. It’s quick, a little uncomfortable, and can save your life. Make that appointment and get your mammogram or skin check or whatever routine appointment you need.

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We have a busy weekend ahead, but it’s all good stuff! Luke has a soccer play day and Jack has another golf tournament. I’m hoping to make it to the pool at some point because the weather looks perfect! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 8/18/23

  1. Joanne says:

    Congrats to Jack! Those sky phots are so pretty. Our mammogram place doesn’t have robes like they; they just give us these odd little capes that are so weird to me.

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    Congrats to Jack. I don’t know anything about water polo but wow- I bet you have to be in really good shape to play! The note is the sweetest and I love the beach pics. Have a great weekend

  3. Alison says:

    What a fun week! Love those sky pictures, gorgeous!! And how sweet is that letter from a student. So funny that we both posted pink robe pics. But it is definitely a must!

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