Friday Favorites – 5/12/23

Happy Friday! This has been a great week! Summer is coming, the pool opens in 15 days, and I am ready for it!

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Favorite 1: DISHWASHER!! Our new dishwasher was leaking AGAIN, but we had a manufacturer’s repair man out on Thursday and I am pretty sure it is fixed! Thank goodness! This is ridiculous but I am significantly less patient and friendly when I have a perfectly lovely dishwasher sitting in my kitchen not working. So thank goodness it is fixed and I’m back to loading a dishwasher not washing all the dishes!

Favorite 2: BILLY JOEL!! Oh my goodness! He’s still got it! Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden has been on my must see concert list and it was AMAZING!!! It was everything I hoped it would be and more!! My legs were sore from bouncing in my seat and dancing so much and I may have given myself a mild case of whiplash, but I would do it all over again!! If you are want to see Billy in the Garden and need a partner, I am here for you. I’ll make it happen!! Just let me know.

Favorite 3: NYC!! We spent about 22 hours in New York City last week and had a great time! We went to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park, thanks to Holly, the Museum of Modern Art, ate at John Doe, and loved every second of Billy Joel!!

Favorite 4: EARRINGS!! One of my favorite families is finishing at my school this year. I’ve taught the kids all 8 years at my school and the mom taught both my boys in elementary school. The kids are great readers and they found these fabulous bookshelf earrings for me! I am honored and I love those kids!

Favorite 5: JUMPSUITS!! I picked up two new jumpsuits from Amazon and I love them both! I wore the black one with a hot pink cardigan to Billy Joel. I wore the hot pink one with a black cardigan to school on Tuesday. They are both so comfortable and I can’t wait to get them back from the laundry pile to wear again!

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I am looking forward to this weekend! We have some soccer and lacrosse games and a golf tournament for the boys. I am hoping to read a bunch of kids’ book and soak up some sunshine. I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Joanne says:

    Those jumpsuits are so cute and I love those new earrings. I can not believe your new dishwasher was already giving you problems. I hope it’s fixed for good.

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