Friday Favorites – 2/17/23

Happy Friday! What a week! The weather was gorgeous and we took advantage of it. Our new dishwasher is supposed to come today and I am really looking forward to it. Thirteen days of washing dishes is more than enough for me! Though dishes aren’t a favorite, I do have a bunch from this week. Let’s get to it!

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Favorite 1: MY VALENTINES!! Valentine’s Day was beautiful here! The kids played outside all afternoon. I read in the sunshine on the deck. The boys had heart shaped pizzas. Jeff and I had shrimp salads. It was such a great day full of love!

Favorite 2: SEASONING! When Jeff and I were at Trader Joe’s last weekend, we picked up the Chili Lime seasoning. It is so delicious! I put it on some chicken last night and loved it. I can’t wait to plan another meal with it.

Favorite 3: SUNSHINE!! I decided that I am going to walk outside after lunch on days that aren’t raining. It will take me a few more minutes to walk from our lunch room to the Media Center, but it’s worth it. I did a few times this week and it did wonders for my attitude!

I keep track of the sunrise and the sunset on my watch. This week the sunrise happened before 7 am! I am so ready for more sunshine in our day!

This sunset was so lovely to look at while I was walking during Luke’s soccer practice.

Favorite 4: SCHOOL!! We got some exciting news for Jack this week. He got his official acceptance offer for high school. I cannot believe we are already talking high school, but here we are!

Favorite 5: SWIM!! I shared on Monday that I spent most of the weekend in a gym for a swim meet. It was so fun and the boys did a great job! They have another swim meet in March before we switch to long course (50 meter) meets.

Favorite 6: FUNNIES! These two are so true! They made me giggle!

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We have a three day weekend this weekend and I am ready for it. Jack has two games and Luke has two practices and that is it. I already started writing my to do list for those three days. I have a few shelves I want to clean out and I’m hoping to relax a bit with the family. I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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