Fashion Files – 2/2/23

Hi! It’s Fashion Files Thursday so I am back sharing what I’ve been wearing. It may be Groundhog day, but my outfits are nothing like the movie. No repeats and I’m trying to mix up my clothes and outfits. I have been on a mission to wear what I have, but only if I love it! Everything in my closet is on it’s last chance. If something doesn’t feel super when I put it on or wear it all day, off to the donate or consign pile. Documenting my outfits each day is helping me make sure I am wearing more of what’s in my closet.

I made a big choice last Sunday afternoon. I pulled all of the sweaters out of the wardrobe in our bedroom and put them on the bed in our guest room. The sweaters are only allowed to move back into our room after I wear them. We’ll see how it goes this winter.

Let’s see what I’ve been wearing.

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Thursday 1/19 – school day A few friends have been wearing camo pants to school and inspired me to wear mine.

Old Gap girlfriend khaki pants, old Gap sweater, SSarto loafers

Friday 1/20 – school day

Team USA sweatshirt, Gap girlfriend jeans, Brooks winter shoes

Saturday 1/21 – basketball games and swim meet

Sunday 1/22 – swim meet (old picture but same outfit today)

Fellow Flowers jacket, favorite tank top, old under armour 7/8 leggings

Monday 1/23 – school day

VERY old Pinehurst sweater, Lilly Emora pants, C.Wonder flats

Tuesday 1/24 – school day

Old Lands End cardigan, Levi’s pull on jeans, flats

Wednesday 1/25 – school day

USA sweater, old leggings, old Brooks USA sneakers

Thursday 1/26 – school day

Hearts cardigan, tank top, Whisper leggings, Brooks winter shoes

Friday 1/27 – work from home day and basketball game at Jeff’s school

Saturday 1/28 and Sunday 1/29 – I forgot to take pictures but it was a leggings and sweatshirt weekend.

Monday 1/30 – professional development day at school

Old Lilly sweater, black T-shirt, Under Armour leggings, old Brooks sneakers

Tuesday 1/31 – school day

Old Lilly Luxletic cardigan, black t-shirt, ruffle hem pants, C.Wonder loafers

Wednesday 2/1 – school day am, doctor’s appointment pm

Reading shirt, Old Gap cardigan, Old Loft pants, Old Anne Klein shoes
Old Under Armour sweatshirt, favorite tank top, Zella leggings, Brooks Glycerin

That’s what I’ve been wearing for the past two weeks. What was your favorite? Any tips of ways to mix it up or try something new? I’ll be back tomorrow with my favorites from the week. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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