Friday Favorites – 1/13/22

Happy Friday! we had our first five day week of the year and I am so glad it’s finally Friday. Luckily, we don’t have another five day week until mid February. It was a great week, though and I am ready to share my favorites!

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Favorite 1: EMMA STRAUB!! Emma wrote a picture book, Very Good Hats, and it is fabulous! She came to our school to read to kindergarten and first graders. It was so fun and I fan girled big time!! I have been reading her books for years and was so pumped to meet her. She’s absolutely lovely and was great with the kids and adults! After her presentation, we talked about adult books, her bookstore (Books are Magic in Brooklyn), and other fun stuff. I definitely need to visit her bookstore when I get to NYC again! Oh, it was wonderful!!

Favorite 2: CLOTHES!! I know I sound like a broken record, but I am really trying to wear the clothes I own. I am also trying to wear things in different ways. I always wear this dress with gray, but tried it with black tights/booties and I love it!!

I usually wear this tunic with tall boots but my feet were not having it this week. So I tried it with different leggings and tennis shoes. I think it worked! And my feet were very happy to be in sneakers all day!

Favorite 3: LISTENING!! I have been branching out in my podcasts this week. I love listening to people talk about goal setting and planning. There are a ton of podcasts discussing that right now and I am here for it! This week I’ve listened to Happier, Best Laid Plans, The Mom Hour, Mel Robbins, The Productive Woman, and The Girl Next Door.

I also started listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear. I started reading it last year or maybe in 2021 and I never finished it. I’m committed now though!

Favorite 4: BOOKS! I have been squeezing in more small moments of reading lately since I am trying to stop scrolling on my phone. It feels great!

Favorite 5: CONCERTS!! Jack and Luke had their winter band concerts last night and they were great! Luke plays percussion and played what we call the “slap whacker” for one song and it was so fun! Jack is our trumpeter and did a super job! One of the boys’ swim buddies came to the concert and it was so fun! My dad’s shoe rental shop was open for the night, too. I hate to buy black dress shoes so each kid can wear them for an hour before they out grow them. I am so grateful that my dad lets them borrow a pair of his shoes.. They’re a little big for Luke, but he makes it work.

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This was a busy week on Sunshine & Books. I posted every day and worked ahead on most of my posts. I can’t promise I’ll keep that up for the year, but I had a lot to say and some linkups lined up. I am looking forward to a wonderful three day weekend. I think they’ll be plenty of time for reading, too! I’ll be back Monday to share part of our weekend fun. See you then! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 1/13/22

  1. scottaew says:

    What an exciting week! I really like that dress with black, but I am sure I would like it with grey, too. You are doing great with wearing all of your clothes!

  2. Joanne says:

    LOL: we have a grandpa shirt rental company going at our house since Alec only needs fancy dress shirts for his school dances (one each year and would never wear them again). Luckily he has black shoes for school because I don’t think he could borrow from anyone with his size 13’s! Your outfits are adorable. I love that gray dress and it looks lovely paired with black.

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