Fashion Files – 1/12/23

Happy Thursday! I don’t often blog on Thursdays but I am trying a new linkup. Amy always shares her outfits on Thursdays and I love to see what she’s been wearing and others in the Fashion Files linkup, too.

Linking up with Kellyann and Jill

For the past year or so, I have been ruthless when I get dressed. If I put something on and it doesn’t feel super I do not keep it. Admittedly, I have a lot of clothes and bags! I just love them! I buy high quality classic items, take good care of them, and don’t change sizes very much. That can lead to a lot of clothes because everything fits my body and my style preferences. I know, it’s a pretty great problem to have.

I am going to play with the format of how I share everything. I will be sure to link everything I can, but much of what I’m wearing is older.

Tuesday 1/3 – first day back to school.

Older gap cardigan (my favorites), graphic tee from a friend’s company, old loft pants, Ellen Degeneres Peace flats

Wednesday 1/4 – the weather was mild so I went with a dress

Old loft dress, very old Lands End flats but they are so comfy!

Thursday 1/5 – another mild day, another dress

Old loft dress and old Lucky boots

Friday 1/6 – It got chilly and I always wear jeans on Friday

Vineyard Vines outlet pullover, Old Navy jeans, old Brooks winter sneakers, coordinating Swig tumbler.

Saturday 1/7 – swim meet day 1 and basketball game
Swim meets can be HOT!! I always wear a tank top, very lightweight long sleeve shirt, and cropped leggings.

All old Under Armour and Lands End coat

Sunday 1/8 – swim meet day 2, different outfit, same formula

Monday 1/9 – school day

Old Lands End tunic (same material blazer), old navy leggings, Brooks Winter Sneakers

Tuesday 1/10 – comfy for school day because I was rewiring some computer carts and moving some old tech around

Old Old Navy Sparkle sweater and LL Bean perfect fit pant bootcut

Wednesday 1/11 – We hosted author Emma Straub at school! That definitely calls for a dress!

Old Hanna Andersson dress, Toms Leila booties

The dress comes unbelted, but I am a little too short for that, so I usually belt it. I used to wear it with gray tights and shoes, but I love it with the black.

Here it is unbelted. Ignore the wrinkles from wearing a belt all day. Also, I don’t know why my phone made this picture so bright.

Every night, as early as possible!

Carole Hochman pjs, Diff glasses

That was fun to put everything I wore this week in the same spot. It is also good for me to have some accountability to keep wearing more of what is in my closet. My blog photographer does a great job capturing these outfits! Thanks Luke!

Thanks for reading through my first Fashion Files post. If you have any suggestions for format improvement or outfit combos, I’d love to hear it! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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