Friday Favorites – 12/23/22

Happy Friday! Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I wasn’t sure I was going to get back here this week, but I found a little extra time today so here I am. I hope you had a great week and are staying warm with the arctic blasts coming across the country!

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Favorite 1: SNOW DAY!! We had a two hour delay on Thursday and then a wonderful surprise! Our county called a snow day for Friday at 4 pm on Thursday afternoon. So, winter break started one day early and I am here for it! I have a snowflake projector from a school project years ago. I shine it in the hallway when we have a 2 hour delay or snow day, so the boys know as soon as they open their doors.

Favorite 2: DELIVERIES!! I got a later start to my holiday shopping than I was hoping to and had a bunch of deliveries come in this week. My Monday morning started like this:

I noticed that Amazon started personalizing my boxes!

I was picturing the employees at the closest Amazon facility saying “I’m going to Sarah’s today, who has packages for me??” 😂 Then, when I was unable to get something in our local store I took to Amazon last night. When delivering to my house the package would be there by Christmas Eve, but when I changed it to my in-laws house it bumped back to 12/27. I think Amazon and I have a special little agreement this year.

I have been taking advantage of the Amazon program to thank the drivers! Amazon is still giving the drivers $5 when you tell Alexa to thank your driver. There was a little break in the $5 reward, but it still shared the thanks message. I love that Amazon did this, especially this year when Amazon helped me so much!

Favorite 3: SCHOOL!! Things were crazy at school this week! The kids were so excited, of course! We had spirit days every day!

We also had a bunch of teachers out and very few substitutes. I ended up teaching music for a few hours. Everyone that has heard me sing laughed a bit when they heard this news.

I had a great time and I am pretty sure the kids did too. They were so surprised to see me in the music room. We used Boomwhackers and I love them!! Now my resume will say school librarian, kindergarten, first grade, third grade, and tone deaf music substitute teacher.

Favorite 4: BAKING!! I started making a few Christmas treats. We made our sand tart dough and are decorating them today. I made my yummy buttercream candy. The boys unwrapped a giant bag of Hershey kisses so we can make peanut butter blossoms today, too.

One of the best things about family recipes is the memories that come with them. I decided that my White Christmas sisters shirt was perfect for mixing everything up this year! White Christmas is our unofficial family Christmas movie.

Favorite 5: LIGHTS!! I was feeling a little stressed one night this week and did one thing that always makes me smile. I put up more Christmas lights. 😂 It didn’t make my to do list any smaller, but it does make me happy to look out the window and see more lights while I am sitting on the couch this morning.

Hello Monday

The weather today is absolutely bananas! I hope you and your families stay safe! The arctic blast, snow, and winds are making a huge impact! I am grateful that we are all staying put through Christmas. We have a weekend full of Christmas celebrating. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a very happy Hanukkah! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and Christmas books!

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  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    What an amazing week you all have had. I can’t imagine teaching this whole week and you’ve had so much fun. I know what you mean about sub shortage but how sweet that you got to teach music 🙂 we were able to do some baking this week too…including peanut butter blossoms. Yay for a snow day and Merry Christmas!

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