Friday Favorites – 10/28/22

Happy Friday!

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Favorite 1: BOOK CLUB! I had a few ladies over for our seasonal book club. It was supposed to be our third meeting, but the second one got canceled because I was sick in June. We read Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman and had a great night talking about the book and comparing it to the movie.

I put my hosting skills to use, including my sticky notes. This was a busy week and I started preparing a few days ago.

Favorite 2: DRESSES! I was hoping it would stay warm enough to wear some dresses without tights and managed one day this week.

Favorite 3: HALLOWEEN! I have been having fun wearing some Halloween shirts and jewelry. The kids at school LOVE it and so do I!

I ran into a friend at conferences for the middle school and we were both rocking our jack-o-lanterns.

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I am looking forward to our weekend! I am hoping to get some things done around the house and ready for the week Saturday morning. We are celebrating Jeff’s dad’s birthday on Saturday evening and have the usual soccer and golf on Sunday. I’ll see you on Halloween! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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