Happy Birthday Luke – 4/19/22

Happy Tuesday! Today is our Luke’s birthday! He turns 11 and I can hardly believe it! When I was planning today’s post, I asked Luke what he would like me to share. I gave him a few options and he chose 11 great things about Luke. Here we go!

1. Luke is the happiest person wherever he goes. It is a rare thing to see Luke not smiling.

2. Luke is a great snuggler. He loves to snuggle up and read, watch a movie, watch funny YouTube videos, talk, or tell jokes.

3. Luke loves Legos! If you ask him what he wants for a gift, he says Legos every single time. He loves to build them and follow the directions, build them with no directions, and play with them.

4. Luke loves museums! He could spend HOURS in any museum because he is so curious and interested in all of the exhibits.

5. Luke is a great brother! He is always cheering for Jack when we go to his games. I also say that Luke is the best big brother that never will be. He has so much fun playing with little kids or babies and keeps them entertained.

6. Luke is adventurous! He loves to go for hikes and explore in the woods or new places. He notices big things and tiny animals or plants, too.

7. Luke gives it his all when he plays. He has so much fun on the soccer and lacrosse fields, on the basketball court, and in the pool.

8. Luke loves blue! In our house we have a saying, “Blue for Luke”. If blue is an option, we know that one is going to Luke every single time.

9. Luke loves the beach! He can play in the ocean all day. He loves to dig in the sand and build castles, cities, or designs. When all that playing wears him out, he’s happy to lay down on the beach and chill until he’s ready to play again.

10. Luke loves books! His favorite books are graphic novels. If he finds the right novel, he will read the whole series. The sillier, the better!

11. Luke has a heart of gold! He’s a great friend to his old friends and new friends. I never worry about Luke if he’s going somewhere without buddies because he will make a friend so quickly. And he will keep that friend forever! He’s nice to everyone and genuinely cares about them.

He used to greet everyone by showing his belly. Luckily, he’s grown out of that. 😉

We are celebrating our 11 year old with mac and cheese, tacos, cupcakes, ice cream cake, and lacrosse! Happy birthday Luke!

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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