Monthly Musings – 4/3/22

Happy Sunday! I am a little late for March Monthly Musings, but Jack turned 13 and I couldn’t miss that! I am excited to link up with Holly and Patty for Monthly Musings. I am so ready for spring and Easter and everything that comes along with them.

1. Do you celebrate Easter, Passover, or another holiday?

I celebrate Easter. We also celebrate birthdays around Easter. The boys birthdays are 19 days apart and Easter usually falls between their birthdays. Sometimes Easter is on a birthday, too.

2. Do you decorate your home for spring?

I do. On the first day of spring, I put up my forsythia wreath and spring doormat. I have a few Easter decorations, too. I like to add fresh flowers all spring long. I’ll get tulips and daffodils for our counter and side board when I go to the store. Around Mother’s Day, I start on the outside or our house. I put impatiens in my hanging baskets and begonias in big planters.

3. Favorite spring meal?

I love when we start grilling again. Steak, deviled eggs, grilled broccoli, salad, and a baked potato sounds delicious!

4. Is your spring break in March or April?

What is this spring break you speak of?? Our school system gets Good Friday and Easter Monday off and that is it. Jeff works at a Catholic school so he gets a super long, home all alone spring break around Easter. We make our own spring break, usually in March. This year we went to Fort Myers Beach. A few years ago we went to Ponte Vedra for The Players Championship and Sarasota for Spring Training.

5. Favorite spring/Easter tradition or activity?

I love going to the Peep Show with my mom and the boys. Sometimes Jeff and my dad join us, but it is always Mom, the boys, and me. Our local arts council hosts an art show with all entries made from Peeps candy. It’s so fun!

I love going to Preakness with Jeff’s family. We usually attend in a tent in the corporate village. We dress up and have a fun, adults only day. We haven’t been since 2019 and I am not sure about this year. Fingers crossed!

6. What are you most looking forward to this spring?

I am most looking forward to the weather and time outside! The Parsons are happier and healthier when we can be outside a bunch. Warmer weather and sunshine is just what we need!

7. Favorite spring fashion item?

My favorite spring fashion items are dresses! I do not wear many dresses in the winter because I don’t like to be cold. Once it starts to warm up, I wear as many dresses as possible!

8. Do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring?

I change my wardrobe a little bit. I wear bright colors all year long, but add more white pants and lighter fabrics.

9. Does the Easter Bunny visit your house?

He sure does!

10. Any traditions or activities coming back post covid?

Most of our traditions came back last year – the Peep show, Easter church, family get togethers, kids’ sports (golf, soccer, lacrosse, swim meets). The only thing I am unsure about this year is Preakness.

That was fun! I sure hope Mother Nature will bring us some spring weather! See you back here tomorrow for Hello Monday! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. natashajk says:

    Your spring meal sounds so good! And I can’t believe you don’t get a spring break. That’s a long haul with no breaks.

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