Hello Monday – 2/7/22

Happy Monday! I’m here with Holly sharing some fun from our weekend. I hope you’ll link up with us for Hello Monday!

I’ve been rocking my Olympics gear and cheering on Team USA and all the athletes!

We did not have much on the calendar this weekend. The boys had basketball in the morning. Jack played at 8 in our town and Luke played at 9 about 30 minutes away so we had to divide and conquer. I took Luke and Jeff took Jack. After the games, I picked up Jack and the boys got their hair cut. They really needed it!

Jeff met us for lunch afterwards. I was going to take the boys snowboarding but the conditions were going to be pretty icy since we had so much rain the day before and then a big freeze. So we ended up staying home for the rest of the afternoon. I was totally fine with that because it meant I got to watch more Olympics!

We had a curling tournament. Jack was the winner!

On Sunday morning, I hosted my annual Declare It Day brunch. I’m sharing more about that on Thursday so be sure to come back for it!

After brunch, I didn’t do much. I didn’t even make a to do list for the day!!! GASP!?! I took a nap and enjoyed the Olympics. It was great.

We got an air fryer on Friday. After talking to some friends and doing some research, we went with the Ninja Foodi XL. I think I will love it eventually, but right now I have to relearn how to cook things in it. We made wings, fries, chicken tenders, and reheated a few things. Everything has been delicious, but there is definitely a learning curve. Also, it is called the XL and it is most definitely XL!! I don’t love having things on my counter top, but there is nowhere else for this big thing to go.

If you have an air fryer or Ninja Foodi, I’d love to hear your favorite recipes. I started a Pinterest board so feel free to share pins with me. My Pinterest is @sarahp7. Thanks!!

I am hoping to post all five days this week. Tomorrow is Show Us Your Books, Wednesday is Let’s Look, Thursday will be Declare It Day, and Friday is Friday Favorites. I hope you’ll be back! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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7 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 2/7/22

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    I love all your Olympic gear and the boys’ haircuts. We have an air fryer but it’s not that big…but even before we got it, I told Travis we had to find a home for it 😂thankfully I found a spot in the closet off the kitchen. We use it quite a bit. Looks like a great weekend!

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    Can’t wait to see what you think of the air fryer- we LOVE ours and use it several times each week- our favorite things to make in ours is really 1. chicken- coat in egg/egg white, dip in panko or almond flour and cook for 15 minutes at 400 degrees- always comes out crispy on the outside and moist on the inside! I also love doing broccoli, brussel sprouts and kale in it and Rob loves making chicken wings 🙂

  3. SMD says:

    Definitely a learning curve with a new countertop appliance like that! Air fryer in particular.

    Whoop Olympics!!! I love them.

  4. Maria says:

    We recently bought a big air fryer to replace our smaller one. There is definitely a learning curve and ours pretty much has to be left out on our countertop. I hope you love yours- my guess is you will!

  5. rawsonjl says:

    Yep! Definitely a learning curve; ours didn’t even come with a book so we’re learning trial and error. LOL.

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