Friday Favorites – 2/4/22

Happy Friday! I thought I was going to work a full five days this week, but I forgot that I had a dentist appointment Thursday morning. I had conference night on Wednesday so it was nice to have a little slower start on Thursday. The rest of the week was great and I have a bunch of favorites to share.

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Favorite 1: THE OLYMPICS!! Be prepared for my number one favorite over the next few weeks to be the Olympics! I love them so much! The world coming together, the competition, the national pride, ooo its all so good! As we were watching yesterday, Luke and I noticed all of the buildings that China is repurposing from the 2008 summer games. Here’s an article that outlines them all. This makes me so happy because more often than not the Olympic facilities are left unused after the games are over.

So far we’ve watched skiing, ice skating, hockey, and curling. It’s so fun!! I can’t wait to see the Opening Ceremony this morning before school and again in prime time tonight. 😍

Favorite 2: HAIRCUTS!! It has been about 13 months since I got my haircut. I chopped about 5 inches off and it feels great!

Before ⬆️ and after ⬇️

I always have my hair blown straight when I get it cut. It was raining when I left the salon so I pulled my hood and tucked my hair in out of the rain.

My boys both need haircuts desperately! They are scheduled for Saturday. I’m hoping we don’t get too much ice so we they can get their hair cut! Be sure to come back for my Hello Monday post to see everyone’s short hair and mine will be curly by then.

Favorite 3: VALENTINE’S DAY! I love this new shirt from Faith Hope Boutique. It’s soft and the XOXO is placed perfectly. It was cute with my camo vest, too.

I love this heart sweater from Gap. It’s a few years old but so comfortable! I paired it with a buffalo check vest and thought the two prints were so cute together.

Favorite 4: PLANT CITY!! Plant City strawberries are back in the grocery stores!! We had some for an after school snack yesterday and they are perfection!! Plant City is a city in Florida that is known for their amazing strawberries! Check out the labels next time you’re in the store and pick the Plant City ones.

Favorite 5: GROUNDHOG DAY!! While Phi’’s prediction isn’t a favorite this year, these memes are!

Favorite 6: CLOTHES!! I am trying to wear everything in my closet and dressers. I pulled this tunic out and I remembered that I love it. I thought it looked great with my new Cora’s Den necklace, too! The pants (that you can’t see) didn’t make the cut! They stretched out way too much and don’t have belt loops, so they are going in the donate pile.

Favorite 7: BOOKS!! I felt like I wasn’t reading very much in January but I just finished my sixth book of the year. My mom’s book club is reading In Five Years by Rebecca Searle and I had heard a lot about it so I decided to read it with her. It’s a quick read and I loved it. Rebecca Searle has another book coming out March 1st and I am going to read it soon.

I’m listening to The Day the World Came to Town by Jim Defede and it’s great! My next listen is going to be Atomic Habits. I started reading it last year, but never finished. I’m ready to reexamine some of my habits and I think that is the perfect book for doing it.

Hello Monday
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If you are looking for me this weekend, I will be watching the Olympics! I’m also getting together with some girlfriends for Declare It Day to set some big goals for 2022. We ordered an air fryer this week and it should be here this weekend. I’m hoping to love it and include it on my favorites next week! Are you excited to watch the Olympics? Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 2/4/22

  1. scottaew says:

    Love your hair and your outfits! That’s the best way to purge – try to wear it! I’m giddy about opening ceremonies. I love seeing all the countries! I told my students they had to watch!

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    You hair looks amazing! I love all your Valentine’s Day outfits. The xoxo shirt is so cute! I loved In Five Years too. I can’t wait for the Olympics! I hope you have the best weekend.

  3. rawsonjl says:

    Your hair looks great! My middle son has his hair cut at school yesterday by one of his friends that is in hairdressing. She did a fabulous job but I was in no way prepared for it to take over 2 hours! LOL. She was so nervous.

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