Friday Favorites – 11/5/21

Happy Friday! This has been a good week! We recovered from the Halloween excitement and have been catching as much rest as possible. I have some fun favorites to share with you!

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Favorite 1: WORLD SERIES!! Jack, Jeff, and Luke became Braves fans over the past few years. This was an exciting post season for my Braves fans. We let Jack stay up for most of the game on Tuesday night when they won the World Series. Everyone was pretty excited on Wednesday morning!

We cheered on the Braves when they came to Baltimore this summer!

Favorite 2: VACCINES!! I got my booster on Wednesday. It has left me feeling not so great, but not as bad as the second shot did. I am just happy to have the extra protection. Luke is signed up to get his vaccine on Monday. Let’s end this pandemic! I went into school on Thursday afternoon and wanted to be comfy. This is my favorite comfy outfit. Jeff picked out this top for me a few years ago and it is a favorite!

Favorite 3: TURKEYS!! We still have our pumpkins on the front porch but I rearranged them so there was room for my inflatable turkey. I love this little guy!

I hung my light up turkey on our kitchen window, too! I think he’s so cute and brightens up the kitchen on these dark mornings.

I can’t love turkeys without mentioning my turkey earrings. I love both pairs! They go with so many fall sweaters and colors. You can use code SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10 on them.

Favorite 4: TRICK OR TREAT!! The kids had a great time trick or treating on Sunday night! Jack was a minion and his buddy was Gru. Luke was a soccer player who’s jersey he really wanted. Smart kid – he had a Halloween costume and now has a jersey to wear whenever he wants.

Favorite 5: HALLMARK!! I love Hallmark all year long, especially those Golden Girls. I started watching the Christmas movies yesterday. My first was a great repeat, Five Star Christmas. It was perfect to relax and take a little nap after school.

Favorite 6: SUNSHINE!! The sunset has been gorgeous the past few nights. I love the gorgeous colors in the clouds! 😍

Tuesday Book Release Day

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us. Both boys have a swim meet and are in different sessions. Spectators aren’t allowed in the meet so I am hoping to make it a very productive time. Luke has a soccer game and Jack has basketball. Around that, I am hoping to hang some pictures, order blinds, and do a little outlet shopping with Jack. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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