Currently – 11/3/21

Happy Wednesday! It’s the first Wednesday of the month and that means it’s time to link up with Anne for Currently. I’m sharing five things I am currently doing.


Friendships!! Two weeks ago I spent the weekend with some of my college friends and it was wonderful! I’ve been texting with them more and am reminded why I love them. Last weekend, we celebrated Kourtni’s birthday and I got to spend time with my in town friends. I am getting ready to spend some time with my high school friend extended group and I love how that time feeds my soul, too. I have been depending on my work friends a lot lately. This year is tough all around and friendships are definitely a bright spot!


My booster shot today!! Luke is getting his vaccine soon too! Jeff got his booster already and Jack is fully vaccinated. I cannot wait to have all four of us vaccinated!


So many lists!! I am almost to the point of making lists of the lists I have or need. I have the standard grocery lists and weekend to do lists. I have lists for Book Fair preparation, Thanksgiving prep lists, Christmas shopping lists of course, volunteer lists, lists of books I want to read this year, and more! Is your heart rate rising hearing all these lists? Mine is! I have faith that my lists will keep me on track and help me get everything done!


My Christmas books post next week. I have always been a Christmas music/movie/book/decoration purist. I waited until Black Friday to do anything Christmas, but I feel so rushed between Thanksgiving and Christmas to fit it all in. This year, I am going to start reading Christmas books next week. So I’m sharing my 2021 Christmas Books post on Monday. I am not sure what my first Christmas book will be but I have a few in the running. I will likely put Hallmark movies on this weekend while I am working on the 2021 Christmas Books post and all of those lists. If you are ready to start reading Christmas books now, check out my 2020 Christmas Books post.


Sweaters!! The weather changed this weekend and it got chilly. I am digging into my sweater closet and picking out my outfits for the week. I wore a cozy Amazon sweater on Monday and it felt good. I am giving my sweaters the same ultimatum I gave the other clothes in my closet. If I put it on or wear it and don’t love it, that item goes straight to the donate pile.

I am also wearing my Thanksgiving jewelry now! Turkey earrings and fall beaded necklaces are perfect for November. I have some gold pumpkin earrings and an orange pumpkin for my necklace that I can keep wearing until Thanksgiving. Use code SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10 to save 10%. This is a good time to start shopping so you can wear your Christmas gear on November 26.

What are you currently up to? If you blog, link up with Anne. If you don’t, share it in the comments! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

7 thoughts on “Currently – 11/3/21

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    Yay for everyone being fully vaccinated soon! It’s finally full on sweater weather here, and I love it! I feel like I have a lot of lists too. November and December are so busy. I just made a list of gifts for the kids since their birthday is soon, and I need to order a few things

  2. rawsonjl says:

    I usually don’t decorate, watch movies, or read books about Christmas until after Thanksgiving too but this year I have already started reading a few Christmas books (mostly because last year by the time I went to check some out from our library all the ones I wanted were already taken!).

  3. natasha says:

    Yay for everyone being fully vaccinated. We’re still waiting on our youngest here in Canada. And I LOVE that sweater. I might have to think about ordering it.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I knew if I stopped by I could get some cute Thanksgiving jewelry inspiration!! Love it! And love that cozy sweater too!

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