Friday Favorites – 9/3/21

Happy Friday! I have survived my first week back to work! The weather made it much easier but I am really looking forward to this weekend! I have some favorites from the week to share with you, so let’s get to it!

While this week is full of favorites, these last few weeks in the world have been so hard. When asked what I wanted for my upcoming birthday, I could only reply world peace, and if that’s not possible could everything just stand down for a few weeks. Between the tragedies in Afghanistan, Covid ramping back up in a lot of places, Hurricane Ida’s damage, and more. Please know that even though this space is generally full of sunshine and fun, my heart is heavy and I am sending positive thoughts for everyone. ❤️

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Favorite 1: CAMP GIGIPOP!! This is the 8th year of Camp Gigi and this year it turned into Camp GigiPop because my dad is retired. Camp Gigi usually has one big day where they go somewhere (amusement park, museum, caverns, etc.) and the rest of the week are local adventures. This year they took Camp Gigi on the road! They were planning to join my dad’s youngest brother and his wife at the beach for two nights, but the weather was terrible here so they stayed for three! Jeff and I got THREE KID FREE NIGHTS!! The kids had so much fun! We all love my Uncle Jimmy so they were excited to see him, too. They played at the beach, played golf at a new course, and went fishing. They also got to do all of the fun Ocean City traditions, too, like Fractured Prune Donuts, Fishers Popcorn, boogie boarding, and the taco stand. They have one more thing planned for today and then Camp GigiPop will be over for another year. We already made our reservation for next year! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Favorite 2: JEFF!! We had three date nights in a row! It was amazing! On Monday, we went to a local restaurant for happy hour dinner and then went for a long walk together. On Tuesday, we went for a long walk and went to out for Mexican. On Wednesday, the remains of Ida were here and it was POURING all night so we put on our pjs and binged Outer Banks (finished season 1) and started Ted Lasso. Wednesday night felt like a snow day before we had kids when there was nothing to do but hang out. It was amazing!! We had a lot of time to talk and catch up. We didn’t even talk about the kids very much which was pretty great! But, I didn’t take a single picture of our dates.

Favorite 3: GOLF!! The PGA tour was in town last week and we spent a bunch of time there. I shared some pictures on Monday, but we are all still talking about how much fun we had! I know I will never be as good as those guys, but it did make me want to start practicing/playing a little more.

Favorite 4: LAVA! On Wednesday, I said I was picking out the next color to paint my fingernails. I went with Lava from Olive & June and I love it! I don’t typically paint bright colors on my fingernails but this one is so fun for the end of summer.

Favorite 5: SCHOOL!! We had open house at our school yesterday and it was so great to see the kids again! Our county doesn’t have a virtual option this year so everyone is back in the building. They have grown so much I can’t wait to start teaching in my media center!

Favorite 6: CORA’S DEN!! I wasn’t wearing much jewelry in August. Now that I am back to work, I’ve been wearing fun necklaces and earrings and I love it!! If you are a teacher, you should check out the website because there are a bunch of fun back to school items. If you love fall, you should check out the website. If you love Halloween, you should definitely check out the website. There are so many fun seasonal earrings and necklaces! Don’t forget to use code SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10 to save 10% on your order!

Favorite 7: SUNSHINE!! After it rained all day wednesday, Thursday was gorgeous! I sat outside on our deck for a little while after work and just enjoyed the clear skies and bright sun!

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After working five days, I am ready for a four day weekend! We’ll be at the pool and hanging out with friends. Luke has a soccer tournament and I’m sure Jack will try to make it to the golf course at least once. I am hoping to finish my book this weekend, too. I’m not sure if I’ll be here on Monday, but I’ll be back on Tuesday for sure. Have a great long weekend full of sunshine and books!

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