Currently – 9/1/21

I simply cannot believe that today is the first day of September! August absolutely flew by! I am linking up with Anne to share five things we are currently doing. Bonus: I am currently wondering how time is moving so quickly and will the school year go this fast???

I am beginning…

My 20th school year! In these twenty years, I’ve hopped around a good bit. I taught in North Carolina and in Maryland. I taught one year of 3rd grade, nine years of kindergarten, one year of 1st grade, and am in my ninth year as a media specialist.

I am ending…

My clothing routine of pjs-exercise clothes-bathing suit-pjs, and I’m actually feeling good about it. I am looking forward to wearing my work clothes this year. I am also looking forward to giving my closet a big clean out when we transition into cold weather. Anything I didn’t wear (that isn’t Lilly) is getting purged. Hopefully it will inspire me to wear a variety of clothes instead of sticking with a few favorite things.

I am loving…

Spending time with Jeff! My parents took the boys for a three day trip as part of Camp GigiPop this year so we were home alone on Monday and Tuesday evening. I stayed a few hours past the end of our school day and still had a bunch of time to spend with Jeff. We went for a long walk and out to dinner both nights!

I am picking…

My next nail polish color. I like to have my nails painted but the first few days back to school can be rough on a manicure with all the furniture moving, book arranging, and equipment configuration. I’m going to stick with summer colors but I’m picking out my color for open house. Have you tried Olive & June yet? I love the polishes and the top coat. I haven’t ordered the system/kit yet, but I may ask for one for my birthday.

I am posting…

So many cute memories from the boys’ first days of school. Facebook does a great job of reminding me just how cute they were (and still are). I can’t keep myself from posting them again as memories! Luke was on the front page of the paper on his first day of kindergarten! Jack was so excited to get a locker in first grade! The picture of both boys was Jack’s first day of kindergarten and Luke’s first day of preschool.

I’ll be back on Friday to share some favorites from the week. I know what Jack and Luke’s favorites will be – Camp GigiPop for sure!! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Purging my closet needs to be added to my to-do list. Great idea. And I think it is time for some fall polish as well! Here’s to a great school year ahead!! (yes, those are cute boys!)

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