Let’s Look – 6/9/21

Happy Wednesday! It’s our last work from home Wednesday and I am soaking it up. I have a few meetings and my 3 classes but I am hoping to do as much of it outside as I can. It’s the second Wednesday of the month so I’m linking up for Let’s Look, where we share a look at little parts of our lives.

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In January, the topic was coffee bars. I don’t drink coffee but I did share my favorite mugs and tumblers.

In February, I shared my love language.

In March, I shared my perfect night in.

In April, I shared my refrigerator and pantry.

In May, I shared my outside organization.

Now it’s June and school is almost over so I’m sharing our Summer Fun list.

When I asked the boys what they wanted to do this summer, they had some BIG ideas! Luke wanted to go bungee jumping and sky diving. Jack wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo, Disneyland, and a San Diego Padres game. They both said they’d like to visit all 7 continents this summer too. It made my heart so happy to hear that the first things they wanted to do involved traveling and a lot of fun! I’d love to have that summer!

We narrowed our list down a little and here is the start of our Summer Fun List 2021. Here it is:

This a good start to our summer fun, but I think we can add more as the summer goes on. What’s on your list? I can’t wait to see what everyone else in the linkup has on their list! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    This is a great list. I love that they had such great plans for summer! LOL. All 7 continents might be a bit much in just a few short months though.

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