Let’s Look – 5/12/21

Happy Wednesday! It’s a work from home Wednesday over here so we are soaking in the extra time to play and ease into the morning. Hopefully it will be warm enough for the kids to enjoy being outside all day. I’m talking about our outside organization today. We don’t have a pool, but we do have a ton of sporting equipment and nets that takes over out back.

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Our outside organization is all about the containers! We have three main containers that organize everything we need.

I have one of these boxes on my deck to hold all the cushions for the chairs. Sometimes I store a tablecloth or two in there from spring – fall.

I have two of these bins that hold all the big stuff in the garage. They hold basketballs, skateboards, golf pushcarts, and some games (djubi, boochie, bocci, spike ball, etc.)

30 gallon bin

We have a bunch of these buckets to hold all the baseballs, whiffle balls, and golf balls that the boys use all the time. They stay in the shed.

We have some bigger nets in the yard but they just move around as the kids play with them. Right now we have a driving range net, two soccer goals, a lacrosse goal, a bounceback, and a net for hitting off the tee or soft toss.

That’s how we organize the outside things. Pretty simple and easy. I can’t wait to hear how you organize your outside things! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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