Friday Favorites – 5/14/21

Happy Friday! I am so excited for this Friday to finally be here. Just like I’ve been saying all month, I say if I can make it to June 1st, I’ll be great. May is typically one of our busiest month and this one is proving to be just the same. I feel like this sometimes…

Thumbs up but that’s the only thing above water.

We’ve had a great week and I have some favorites to share with you!

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Favorite 1: FLOWERS!! I picked up some tulips for my mom for Mother’s Day and grabbed some for myself. Our Safeway grocery store has the best tulips! I got pretty purple and white ones for my mom and orange for our house. I love the color of these orange flowers with a little yellow mixed in.

Jeff and I went to our local farm on Mother’s Day to pick out vegetables for our garden and to look for hanging baskets. I couldn’t find what I wanted so we bought some tropical impatiens and I made my own. They are a little sparse right now, but I know they’ll fill in!

Favorite 2: EGGS!! I love fresh from the chicken eggs but we haven’t had a regular egg hook up for a while. Our neighbor brought us some eggs from her son the other day. They are so much better than grocery store eggs. Look at those yolks!!

Favorite 3: SUNSHINE!! Do you see that beautiful sunset? Jack and I got to see it on the way home from his baseball game on Tuesday night!

Favorite 4: JEWELRY!! I love my bubblegum necklaces and fun earrings. I have a few new necklaces coming this weekend and I can’t wait to share them with you on Monday! My sweet neighbor, who is in first grade, told me that I should be careful with all my fun earrings. She warned me that big earrings can pull on your ears and stretch them out. I let her feel how light these sun earrings are and she said “Oh good, your ears are going to be fine.” So sweet!! They really are very light, like wearing studs!

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Favorite 5: BACKYARD!! Jack got the field liner out and made a complete baseball field in the backyard this week. The neighborhood boys have been playing home run derby all week. I loved looking out to see them play and catching that tractor in the background. This is just what I was hoping for when we moved into this house!! ❤️

Favorite 6: RUNNING! I’m starting to incorporate running back into my workout routine. One of my favorite times to run is during warmups for the kids’ games. We have to be there super early so I scout out the field location and hit the pavement. I ran on Tuesday and Thursday this week!

Favorite 7: BOOKS! I was talking with some fifth graders last week and they recommended two books that I had in my middle grade stack. I’m reading them now and can’t wait to talk about them on Friday with the kids!

I shared my Summer Beach Reads 2021 this week! There are some great books on there!! You should check it out!

I loved this page from my calendar this week. I like to think that I am growing even when I’m reading fun books! Fiction opens your mind to other’s stories and situations. It encourages empathy and imagination!

Favorite 8: BASEBALL! Jack had a double header on Sunday and two baseball games this week. I love watching him play! He has been improving so much this year and it is so fun!

Go 00!!

Favorite 9: THALASSOPHILE!! Did you know there was a word for me? This is it! I am most definitely one who loves the sea!

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I’m heading out of town this weekend to go visit my sister. I can’t wait! We are going to have so much sister time!! All that traveling also means a lot of great reading time, too! I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 5/14/21

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    I love your sweet neighbor’s comment. So sweet. The tulips are beautiful! Hayden has taken spray paint to the yard to make a field 😂I hope you have a great weekend with your sister!

  2. Joanne says:

    We have family that raises their own chickens and the difference between the fresh one and the grocery store ones are so noticeable. I’ve been eyeing some plants for hanging baskets but usually hold off until June so I don’t have to worry about frost.

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