Friday Favorites – 3/5/21

Happy Friday! This first week of March feels like it flew by! In fact, it went so fast, I hardly stopped to take any pictures! I do have a few favorites to share though, so let’s get to it!

Favorite 1: FELLOW FLOWERS!! Jamie and I finished our final flower run (walk) last weekend! It was the orange flower – fiercely united run. I love all the time that we’ve spent together over the past 4 years doing these runs. Our friend Kerry has joined us for a few and I was so happy she joined us this weekend.

The good news is that there are more runs to do! In June, Jamie and I will be hosting a get together for the Made to Move race. There is even a Made to Move series of runs this summer and I am debating signing up for it and getting right back into running.

This jacket became a fast favorite! It is my finisher jacket for doing all 13 flower races and is just so comfortable! It has all 13 colors on the back so it matches everything, especially these green leggings.

Favorite 2: DUMPSTER!! This is the third dumpster that has been in our driveway since October. I am excited that this dumpster means we are coming down the homestretch with our renovations. I am not so good with the construction timelines but I’m guessing that it’s here for drywall, siding, and flooring.

Favorite 3: PANTRY!! In the same way that the dumpster is a favorite, our pantry is a favorite. We are finally getting to the drywall repair in our kitchen from the leak/repipe last March. It’s been a long time and I’ve gotten used to the holes, but it is time for them to go! They need to move the big cabinet so I had to empty the entire pantry onto the dining room table. Also, the two kitchen cabinets that have been in our basement came back upstairs so they can be rehung. It is a mess, but I know that this means progress.

Favorite 4: A DOOR!! Do you see that door? It leads to our mud room. I am so excited about that door! It is another sign of the progress that’s coming!

Favorite 5: SHAMROCKS!! I love these new shamrock earrings from Cora’s Den! They are light and comfortable! I also picked up a few Easter earrings and necklaces this week in their sale.

Favorite 6: SUNSHINE!! I keep the sunrise and the sunset time on my watch face. On March 1st, sunset crept into the 6:00 hour!! I love how much longer it is lighter in the evenings. We had so much fun in the warm sunshine on Wednesday this week!

That’s it for the week. I told you I hardly took any pictures. I am looking forward to this weekend. The kids have sports practices on Saturdays and I am having my Beautycounter launch party on Sunday.

4 Years and 13 Runs
Tuesday Book Release Day

Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Coffeeandcream says:

    Congratulations and well done for completing the flower runs! I’ve also been loving the sun we’ve (finally) been getting, it’s making me hopeful for the coming months!

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