4 Years and 13 Runs – 3/1/21

Happy Monday! This weekend, Jamie and I completed the Fellow Flowers Virtual Run series.

In 2017, Fellow Flowers announced that they were starting a virtual run series. There would be one for each of the 13 flowers and they would take place over four years. Jamie and I decided to do all of them, and I’m pretty sure we’ve done most of them together.

Before the flower runs, we did two Fellow Flowers virtual runs together, both celebrating the original flower – fiercely united.

Then we started the 13 virtual flower runs:

Joy – yellow flower

My BRF Jamie and I after our Fellow Flowers Joy virtual run.

No Excuses – purple flower

Wildflower – bright green flower

Saturday’s Wildflower virtual run

Dreamer – white flower

Strength – red flower

Rock Star – black flower

Fierce – dark pink flower

Truth – blue flower

Courage – green flower

Believe – turquoise flower

Hope – silver flower

Gratitude – light pink flower

Fiercely United – orange flower

Jamie and I rewarded our dedication with some good finisher gear. Jamie got the sweatshirt she’s wearing at our run and I opted for the finisher jacket. Her sweatshirt is so cozy and I’m loving my jacket!

Writing this post was so much fun. As I thought about these 13 runs, my very favorite part was my time with Jamie, and Kerry when she joined us for fierce and fiercely united. We talked and talked and then kept talking after we were finished running. Jamie and I text each other every single day, but this time together was special! We’ve been friends for a LONG time and I treasure all the time we can spend together. ❤️

If you are feeling a little sad that you missed the flower virtual runs, don’t worry there is more running to do. The Made to Move race series has shifted to virtual. There are two parts that you can participate in. On June 12th, you can participate as part of a virtual team, named for each of the 13 flowers, and/or attend a meet up to run. Jamie and I are hoping to plan a meet up on the 12th. Then you can keep the momentum going with the Made to Move Summer Challenge and run two more races in July and August. I am made to move and ready to run this year! Are you??

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    What an amazing accomplishment and even better that you’ve done so with your friend! I love that each run and flower is a different color with a special meaning! Congrats!

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