Friday Favorites – 7/10/20

Happy Friday! We had a great week but it went really fast! I keep losing track of what day it is until Thursday when the kids have golf and then I can’t believe it’s Thursday! I’m linking up with Andrea to share my favorites today.

Favorite 1: SUNSHINE!! We’ve had so much fun in the sun and some beautiful sunsets again this week! These are my favorite lip protection in the sun this summer! I’m loving my new towel! It pretty much has my monogram on it, right? 😂

Favorite 2: RED, WHITE, AND BLUE!! We love wearing our red, white, and blue all year long but we leaned in hard this week!

Favorite 3: FAJITAS!! I made sheet pan fajitas for the first time this week and they were soooo good! All four Parsons loved them for dinner and they made great leftovers too! I make my own taco seasoning and have for a long time, but I liked this blend better than mine. FYI – I did double the chicken when I made them.

Favorite 4: BOOKS!! I picked up a stack of new books for the kids at the bookstore and the library this week. It was so nice to see them reading in the morning instead of watching tv or playing on their ipads. Full disclosure, I told them they had to, but they read long past the time I asked for. Jack’s new release favorite is The Turnover by Mike Lupica and Luke’s new release favorite is The Bad Guys in Dawn of the Underlord by Aaron Blabey.

The Bad Guys came out on Tuesday and I shared it in the Tuesday Book Release Day with a few other adult and kids books we are looking forward to.

Favorite 5: HAIRCUT!! I felt like I was turning into Rapunzel over here because it had been months and months since I got my haircut. I was planning on getting my hair cut in late March, but we all know what happened then. I finally got there this week and it felt great. I got over 3 wet inches cut off my hair which usually translates to quite a bit more for curly haired girls.

The humidity which I usually don’t mind, was not a favorite this week Look what happened to my straight hair after one walk outside!!

Favorite 6: JEFF!! Jeff’s been working more each week as summer goes on so we are working hard to carve out some time that is just us. He often joins me on my morning walk or sometimes we stay way later than usual at the golf course and talk while the boys are playing on the putting green.

Favorite 7: CORA’S DEN!! You know I love Cora’s Den necklaces and earrings! I think they add a little, or a lot, of fun to each outfit! I got these earrings this week and they were perfect last night with a white tank top and some fun Lilly shorts.

Favorite 8: THE TODAY SHOW!! I love the Today Show, but I really haven’t watched it at all this summer. The timing hasn’t worked with my schedule. Jeff left for work super early one day this week and I decided that I was going to hang in our room and watch it for a little bit. It was great! I spent some time making our bed just how I like it while watching the show.

Favorite 9: A DAY IN THE LIFE! I did a day in the life on my Instagram stories on Thursday. They are some of my favorite posts to do because I remember to capture little moments throughout the day. They are some of my favorite posts to read because I am nosy curious about how other people organize their days! I’ll share all the pictures on here one day next week.

That’s it for my favorites! I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 7/10/20

  1. rawsonjl says:

    I completely agree that this week just flew right by! We have been having such beautiful weather and I am loving it!! I like to try and blog a day in the life post every few months or seasons because it is fun to have those snippets down and see how they change as time goes on.

  2. Lauren Becker says:

    That’s awesome that your boys are reading this summer. I’ve always been a huge reader so it’s fun to see kids doing its since there are so many other things to capture their attention. LOL I’m actually hosting a Summer Reading Challenge giveaway if you and/or your boys would like to enter. There are prizes for Kids, Teens, and Adults – and you get points for every single book you read.


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