Amazon Lately – 7/8/20

Happy Wednesday! I am proud to say Summer Sarah is in full effect. In case you didn’t already know, Summer Sarah is my alternate personality who only comes out in…. summer! She isn’t very good at doing all the normal “chores” that keep our fall, winter, and spring so smooth, like grocery shopping, cooking dinner, packing lunches, and maintaining our normal eating/sleeping schedule. On the other hand, she is a GOOD TIME!! Summer Sarah is the reason that my kids have idyllic summers full of fun, playing, sunshine, pool, beach, and other day trips that they will remember forever!

Summer is a state of mind and I am there now!

The latest example of Summer Sarah is my blogging calendar. I did my Show Us Your Books post yesterday and the link up is actually next Tuesday. Oops. I am doing my Amazon Prime post today and the link up was actually yesterday. Oops, again. You see, Summer Sarah doesn’t miss big or catastrophic things, she just loses track of time most of the time. 😂 So here we are – Amazon Lately on a Wednesday.

I’m linking up with Tanya. You should check out her page, there are a lot of interesting Amazon ideas there.

I got these blue swings for our pool. We have a swing set that my boys love. Most of the swings are black and they leave marks on my towels and the boys bathing suits. I was getting tired of ruined bathing suits and towels, so I convinced the board we needed new swings and then took care of it myself.

We have an ice machine at the pool and it has my second favorite ice in town, after Chick-fil-A or Royal Farms. Due to COVID19, we decided to limit access to the ice machine to the lifeguards after they clean their hands. They have a cooler of ice right by the guard office and are happily filling your cup with ice for you. I use a lot of ice at the pool. I mean A LOT! Our lifeguards are wonderful, but I felt bad asking them for ice multiple times throughout the day. I primed this little cooler and fill it at the beginning of my pool day and I am set.

I love these thin, but not sheer tank tops. I sized up for a little extra room and am so pleased with them. They’ll be good for layering in the winter, but look great on their own in the summer with a cute skirt, skort, or pair of shorts.

My mom’s birthday is in June and I ordered a pair of these for her. I love Turkish towels because they are light to carry and they fold up so small in your beach bag. I think they dry pretty quickly and hold up to the chlorine and beach well.

Jack insisted that we order these golf balls for Jeff for Father’s Day. He knew they were Jeff’s favorite and that he needed some new ones. I have to say between my dad, Jeff’s dad, and Jeff I can’t remember a Father’s Day without golf balls ever.

I have this book light and I love it! It is dimmable and holds its charge for a long time. Jeff’s been reading a lot more lately and he uses my book light when he reads as he’s falling asleep. Which is great, except that I can’t find it when I wake up in the middle of the night because it is on his side of the bed. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night every night, but I do often enough that I decided we both needed a book light.

I have been talking about a fishing shirt for two years and I finally ordered this one. It is exactly what I wanted. I love to stay on the beach all day, but by 5:30 or 6 I am ready to have a little more coverage on my chest and arms. This year at the beach we won’t be going out to dinner so I am anticipating much longer beach days with carry out for dinner. This shirt is lightweight and long enough to cover my bottom and wear as a tunic with my bathing suit.

That’s what I’ve been priming lately. A good mix of gifts, necessities, and summer fun. I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Tanya says:

    I love that Turkish towel, and think it will be perfect for Grace to take to the college dorm room since it will take up less space. Thanks for the recommendation and for linking up!

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