Hello Monday – 7/6/20

Happy Monday! Before I get into the post, I want to share an exciting sale with you. Cora’s Den, the company I get all those chunky necklaces, monograms, and fun earrings from, is having a summer sale and it ends today!!

I hope you had a great weekend! We had a fun couple of days celebrating the USA! I’m linking up with the Hello Monday girls today to share our red, white, and blue fun!

On Friday night, our pool had our first social event of the year. It was BYOEverything – drinks and snacks. I made/created a new cold jalapeño popper dip and it was so delicious!! I’ll share the recipe soon! Admission did include one drink, that was already poured and very patriotic!

I got a new dress recently and it was perfect for the occasion. It is the Lilly State of Mind print featuring a square with symbols from each state all over it.

On Saturday, we woke up ready to celebrate! We went for a little walk and then headed over to the pool.

Nigel, our butterfly, with a white spot the shape of the British Isles visited Luke. 😍

All of the boys had their red, white, and blue bathing suits on and had a bunch of fun.

I was wearing one of my favorite Judith March hats and my red, white, and blue bathing suit, too.

We got together with some friends that evening. I made a yummy version of Shay’s patriotic punch with watermelon vodka, Fresca, and lime juice. I didn’t have Hawaiian Punch ice cubes but I found some blue reusable ice cubes to make sure I had all three colors.

Glow sticks, masks and glasses, sparklers, and fireworks added to the fun. I’m wearing the same dress that I wore on Friday night in a different print. It is so comfortable and perfect for a backyard party!

Jack’s baseball season officially started on Sunday. It was a hot way to start! The real feel was 100 degrees and he had a double header. We decided that it wasn’t fair to make Luke sit through 2 games in that heat with no friends there to play with, so Jeff took Jack.

Luke and I hung around the house and went for a dip in the pool. I had on another favorite Judith March hat and Title Nine bathing suit.

We all met up at the pool for a dip to cool Jack and Jeff down after the games. When the pool closed, we came home and got to bed nice and early.

We are looking at a hot week so I see lots of pool time in our future! Be sure to come back tomorrow for a double post full of books – Show Us Your Books and Tuesday Book Release. I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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