Friday Favorites – 7/3/20

Happy Friday! It is officially July 4th weekend and I am ready to celebrate! We had another fun week full of favorites!

Favorite 1: FAMILY!! We got to see my parents two times this week. We celebrated my mom’s birthday and they joined us at the golf course for the boys’ junior league. We had delicious crabs for my mom’s birthday! On Thursday at the golf course, we rode all over the front nine to see both boys play a few holes while Jeff caddied for Luke.

Favorite 2: POOL! We celebrated a friend’s birthday at the pool one evening this week and it was so fun to all be together. The little brothers are building a shelter/treehouse/structure in one of the trees at the pool and are having the best time.

This picture is stage one of the tree fort. There is now a log platform where Luke’s head is. There is a pen for a pet turtle and shade from an old umbrella. And they’ve created a lean to on the back made from sticks and old railroad ties.
Apparently these are just for fun and won’t be used to hurt anyone
Matching buddies

Favorite 3: BOOKS! I just finished The Lies that Bind by Emily Giffin. As I was reading it, I didn’t think I would love it but I stuck with it. And don’t you know, I did end up loving it! It was a really good read!! Perfect to read on the beach or poolside. I am also really excited to read a few of the books the came out on Tuesday!!

Favorite 4: SUNSHINE!! The sunsets have been beautiful lately. I captured one of these pictures on a walk Wednesday evening and the other driving home from the golf course.

Favorite 5: COOKING!! Luke and I made two batches of lemon squares this week – one gluten free and one gluten full. They both turned out delicious. Luke learned how to zest a lemon and use a food processor. He loves using the hand mixer so that was fun, too.

Favorite 6: PLANNING!! I got an Erin Condren Daily Duo planner a few weeks ago and I was pretty excited to start using it. Two days in, I love the hourly layout so far and that it is a little bit lighter than the 18 month planner I’ve used for the past few years.

Favorite 7: SUMMER CLOTHES! I love my bathing suits and cover ups. I also love the days that I go from pjs to workout clothes to bathing suits to pjs. Lately, I’ve been wearing some real clothes and I love those days too. Most of my summer clothes are bright and comfy but also look nice. I think I need to move somewhere that I can wear summer clothes all year long.

Have a great weekend full of red, white, and blue and sunshine and books!!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 7/3/20

  1. Joanne says:

    I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday! That meal sure looks yummy. I think I need to break down and order that book from our library this week; I have heard great things about it and I do usually enjoy her stories.

    • scottaew says:

      I love putting newspaper down and eating that way! We don’t do that much here but we should! Your pool setting makes it possible to really spread out with all the green space surrounding. Almost normal summer sometimes? Happy 4th!

  2. Patty says:

    Loving all of your Lilly and Jacks! I am going to have to try those gluten free lemon squares. I have a ton of lemons from my produce box and I have been trying to find an easy lemon square recipe that doesn’t call for the hard to find gfree graham crackers.

    Happy 4th!

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