Let’s Look – 7/1/20

Happy July!! I feel like June went super fast and slow at the same time! I am excited for July because it is always the easy, breezy days of summer! I set the schedule and there is a lot of relaxing in there. It seems a little funny to be talking about summer fashion today because there are some days in that I go from pjs to workout clothes to bathing suits to pjs, but I’m linking up with Shay and Erika to do just that.

My summer fashion usually consists of a very few things: bathing suits, running skorts and tank tops, Lilly, and flip flops. Sadly, this Lilly bathing suit bit the dust this year. When I pulled it out the waistband elastic clicked like I was breaking a glow stick. It’s an oldie, but a goodie and one of my favorites!!

This is my favorite!

My bathing suits are mostly from Title Nine. They are pricy but they hold up so well! I’ve been wearing two of my favorites for 3 years and I wear them hard!

I did try a new bathing suit brand from Nordstrom this year and I am really pleased with the quality for the cost. The bottom is more of a lounging by the pool than a playing at the pool cut, but it is still really comfy! I got this cute top and the lower waisted bottom.

My running skirts are always Skirt Sports. They are going out of business and I am so sad! I made a big clearance purchase at the beginning of May, so I am set for a few years. I love that the biker shorts never ride up and that the skirt covers my booty while I’m out running. They are so comfortable that I’ve been known to wear them to work for casual days and to run errands in them! I almost always pair my skirt sports with a Fellow Flowers tank. It’s a perfect fit!

Now, I can’t talk summer fashion without talking Lilly! I have been loving my Lilly shorts, skorts, and rompers lately! Lilly Pulitzer’s bright colors and fun prints are perfect for summer! I actually think they are perfect for every season. 😉

I’ve also had a moment with these two rompers. The striped one is from Amazon last summer and the solid blue one is from Loft Outlet this spring. I love them both!

I love my Rainbow flip flops for a casual, but not rubber pool flip flop. I picked up a pair of glitter Havianas this summer and have been wearing them every day to the pool. They are so fun! I do wish the sizing was a little bit different. I wear an 8 or 8.5 so I went with the 9-10. They aren’t giant, but feel a little big and the 7-8 was just a little snug.

This year, I’ve seen more cropped or capri leggings and comfy running shorts in my wardrobe. I never run in shorts! It isn’t comfortable for me, but I love to run around town in them. With working from home and very few places to go or things to do, I’ve stayed comfy and casual!

I can’t mention summer clothes without talking about red, white, and blue! All of my kids’ teams are red, white, and blue and we love to celebrate America around here. So we do red, white, and blue on repeat all summer long!

That sums up what I’m wearing for the next few months. I hope there are a few dresses sprinkled in for very, very low key events, but I’m not sure. We are sticking very close to our bubble and these clothes are perfect for it. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    I love that Lilly bathing suit.. and you are SO tan in that photo! Too bad it bit the dust but your other bathing suit picks are just as cute.

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