Wednesday Weekend Wrap Up – 11/7/18

Happy Wednesday morning! I am sharing our weekend today because I did my Thanksgiving Blended Blog link up on Monday.

Our weekend was a nice blend of busy and calm. The boys had swim team practice on Friday afternoon and it ended a little early because of thunder. We were able to head to my sister-in-law’s house a little early to celebrate my niece’s and father-in-law’s birthdays. Dinner was yummy and it was nice to spend some time with my in-laws. Jack and Luke always have a great time with their cousins and tonight was no exception. They played and laughed most of the evening.

On Saturday morning, Jeff and Jack were up EARLY to go to the first winter swim meet of the year. Jack swam 100 IM, 100 free, and 50 fly. I am so proud of him! He swam so well! Initially he wasn’t DQ’d in IM, but when the official results were reposted he was DQ’d. Poor buddy! He’s been working so hard on his breaststroke kick. Jack was heartbroken, but he didn’t let it get him down. He swam well in his other two events and cheered his buddies on in their races too.

Luke and I stayed home because he was supposed to have a soccer game. His game ended up being canceled due to wet field conditions, so we ran some errands and put all the Halloween decorations away. When Jeff and Jack got home we hung out all afternoon in the rainy weather and it was so relaxing!

Saturday evening was our dinner club. This was our second evening and Jamie made delicious cheese dip and chili. Jeff had to go to work so it was just the boys and me. We all had fun, but headed home early to get ready for day 2 of the swim meet.

On Sunday morning, we were all up EARLY because of the time change. We made it to the swim meet in plenty of time for the 7:40 warmups. Jack was looking at the final results from the meet yesterday and saw that he actually wasn’t DQ’d! They revised the results again and the officials decided that Jack swam legally! He was grinning from ear to ear! Then he won his heat for 50 free and dropped over 8 seconds!! That made for one happy boy!!

We headed back to the cafeteria to hang out with his buddies and then Jack swam 50 back. Jack did a great job and ended the meet feeling pretty proud!

Thank goodness my chair was comfy for the day in the cafeteria!

Then we had about 90 minutes until Luke had warmups. I found a close Moe’s restaurant and we had a yummy lunch before heading back to the pool at 12:20. Luke was so excited for his first winter swim meet of the year! He was swimming 25 free and 25 fly. He dropped time in both events and swam really well too!

After about 8 hours, we headed home to get ready for the week. After sitting for the majority of the day, I needed to go for a run and the boys rode their bikes with me.

Jeff had to work all day on Sunday so we had grilled cheeses for dinner and headed to bed. That time change is always a toughie and I wanted us to be well rested.

The Scholastic Book Fair should be rolling into the Media Center today and I am bracing myself for the fun but crazy busy 10 days to come.

This is our Book Fair last year and I am getting excited for this year’s.

I am linking up with Lindsay and the Welcome Wednesday girls.

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

☀️ 📚 😎

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  1. tractorsandglam says:

    What a fun weekend! I don’t mind this time change, it’s when we lose an hour that always throws me off. However, both of my kids were t-I-r-e-d last night and both went to bed early, so I know they are feeling the time change. Nothing beats grilled cheese!

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