November Prime Purchases – 11/6/18

I am linking up with Tanya to share my Amazon Prime purchase this month.

I am an Amazon Prime devotee! I have been a member since Luke was born and I realized I could have diapers delivered to my door with Subscribe and Save. It was a total lifesaver. Seriously, who has room for a box of diapers in your shopping cart when you put a 2 year old in the seat and an infant car seat in the big part??

I didn’t have a ton of Prime purchases this month, but I expect this month and next month to be huge! The free shipping, free returns, and not going to a store make it so easy for Christmas shopping!! I also recently discovered that I don’t even have to print the label to return them. Amazon has the option to email a QR code to yourself, the UPS store scans it and prints the label, and your return is on its way. It was so easy!

I started off the month with two pairs of white baseball pants. Jack’s new baseball team had a few games/scrimmages this month and he needed white pants. Of course we have gray and black pants but no white ones. One pair fit perfectly and I (free) returned the other pair easily.

Jeff and I were lifeguards for our neighbor’s Halloween party. I found our costumes on a lifeguard supply website for super cheap but we needed some extra props. I picked up these inflatable lifeguard cans to add to the look.

Jack wanted to be Antonio Brown for Halloween. I knew he would wear the jersey time and time again so I didn’t mind spending a little more than I would on a typical costume. I wasn’t sure what size he would be so I ordered two and and easily returned one of them. Hello QR code!

The boys keep most of their shoes in the garage. Jeff and I keep our boots out there and the shoe rack we had wasn’t cutting it! I saw this one on Amanda’s Daily Deals and Steals Facebook page for way cheaper than $35. 2 days later it was at my house. I put it together and we couldn’t be happier. The garage is so much neater and shoes are much easier to find!!

My niece’s birthday was just around the corner and I needed to get a gift for her. Hello Amazon! She loves to draw, write, decorate, pretty much anything artistic. I thought this book would be perfect and she loved it! This cute outfit for an American girl was too cute to pass up.

We don’t usually do advent calendars for the boys because we have a family one but I saw these and knew they would love them! We are changing up some of our family Christmas traditions this year and I am pretty excited about this one. Luke will LOVE the legos and Jack is going to be over the moon for some cards!! If you see them, don’t mention it! I can’t wait to surprise them on Dec. 1.

I ordered this book to read to the boys this week as we are talking about the elections. Unfortunately, a tornado hit our closest Amazon distribution center and I don’t have it yet. It looks great though!

That’s what I bought this month. All items to save me some time and hassle and I couldn’t be happier!

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  1. Tanya says:

    Thank you so much for sharing about the QR code. I have seen that option, but haven’t tried it yet. So easy! And not wasting that printer ink. šŸ™‚ I love your Halloween costumes. Thanks so much for linking up to Prime Purchases!

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