Friday Favorites – 11/9/18

Happy Friday!! I had a great week and can’t wait to share some favorites with you. I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea and The Blended Blog to share some of the fun.

Favorite 1: BOOK FAIR!! The Book Fair arrived at school on Wednesday and I am pretty excited. I LOVE Book Fair week. The students’ and teachers’ excitement just makes me so happy! I also love having so many families in our library at one time. It all brings me so much joy!! There’s a little bit of exhaustion that goes with Book Fair – bringing every student in the school through to make a wish list in 2 days, busy mornings with kids trying to figure out how many erasers/sharpeners/pencils they can buy with the extra money they have, and my absolute favorite the sweaty handfuls of coins on Friday morning trying to get one more thing from the Book Fair. Next week I may say one of my favorites is packing up the Book Fair, but I doubt it. I loved Book Fair as a kid and I still love it!!

Favorite 2: SWIM MEETS!! The boys had their first winter swim meet of the season this weekend and they had a blast. They both swam well and improved their times. Jack and Luke are already looking forward to their next meets and trying to add more to the schedule we mapped out at the beginning of the season.

Favorite 3: VOTING!! I love to vote. I vote in every single election I can. I just think it is so important to take part in our democracy. I don’t often share my political views but I always encourage every single eligible person to vote. I always bring my kids with me and explain each step. I talk to them about the positions we are voting for and what they do (governor, school board, judges, etc.). I talk to them about why it is important to be an informed voter and I share the ballot that comes in the mail with them. I remember my mom doing all of these things with my sister and me when we were little. Our voting location did the coolest thing this time. Every time a first time voter got their ballot, they holler out “First Time Voter” and all the people there cheered. It was so cool! I actually get a little emotional when I vote. I get a lump in my throat and well up a bit. The enormity of having a say in our government and how lucky we are to live in our wonderful country just get me.

Favorite 4: SUNSHINE AND BOOKS!! I started writing entries for this blog one year ago on Wednesday. My first entry was October 20th, but that was to introduce myself. My first content entry was November 7, 2017. I love this little piece of the internet. I hope that one day my family and I are so happy to have so many memories documented.

Favorite 5: ONLINE SHOPPING!! I have been keeping our UPS, USPS, and Fed Ex drivers pretty busy lately. Between Amazon and Target, you just can’t beat the selection and free shipping. Not to mention the amount of time I save by shopping from my iPad without dragging Jack and Luke to a store. Recently I had a day where all 3 delivery methods dropped packages at my house. I’m calling myself efficient right now and hoping the drivers aren’t hating me too much.

Favorite 6: TURKEYS!! Before Jeff and I got married my mom gave me a glass turkey that was a staple in our family. My grandmother had one, my mom has one, and I have one. I love it and look forward to getting it out every November. I picked up this fun light up turkey at Walmart this week for $4.97. He’s just so cute and added a little fun to our kitchen window.

That’s about it for this week. We don’t have much planned for this weekend at all!! We are going to Jeff’s parents to see his aunt on Friday after school. The boys have a few practices and Luke may have a soccer game on Saturday. But that is about it. I am looking forward to a calm weekend with some cozy family time reading or watching football. I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!!

☀️ 📚 😎

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