Day 600!!

It’s day 600 in my run streak!! I’ll update the post this evening, but I’ve already started celebrating so I’m sharing!

I started my day with 3 miles at the track with the boys. I knew I wouldn’t really have time to do 6 miles tonight so I’m splitting it up.

There was a cross country scrimmage going on at the high school and I think I was inspired by those fast runners. I ran at a 9:53 pace which is pretty quick for me.

I brought my turquoise flower today because I felt like it was exactly how I felt about reaching 600 days.

Then I headed to the pool with the boys to enjoy all this beautiful sunshine! We practically have the place to ourselves, but the boys each have a buddy here. 🎉Everyone is entertained! 🎉

I’m also getting some good reading time in! Woohoo!

I prepped most of our dinner so the rest of the day should be pretty smooth for my last Thursday before I go back to work!

I gave all the girls orange flowers on day 200 because they are the amazing souls I choose to surround myself with and I love them fiercely! Jamie couldn’t run with us tonight, but she did in spirit! xoxo 😘


At 6:30, I met up with Jodi, Erin, Sandra, and Kourtni to run on the track again.  This was the perfect spot because it’s flat, lovely, and Kourtni had her little guy with her. Well, apparently the high school forgot that it was my 600th day and scheduled a soccer scrimmage so the track was not an option.  We decided to run through a nearby neighborhood and it was kind of hilly! Collin, Kourtni’s little guy, did an amazing job keeping up on his bike! I am so proud of him.  Kourtni did a pretty great job on his bike towards the end too.


We finished up our 3 miles for the evening (6 total for me) and had a sweet high school girl take our picture.  She was a little unsure of all these moms and why they wanted their picture taken, but who cares!


Erin had to dash to book club ❤️ before we finished.  Jodi headed back to soccer to get her kiddos. Kourtni, Sandra, and I decided to have a celebratory toast nearby.


At that is how Day 600 ended! It was full of my favorite things – running, sunshine, and reading.

Here are my hundreds days run pictures. ❤️ I’m not sure what happened to day 400’s picture, but rest assured I ran 4 miles that day. 😊

Day 365 – 1 whole year!!
Day 500

☀️ 📚 😎 

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