Hello Monday – 8/19/18

Hello and happy Monday! I had a very fun weekend and can’t wait to share it with you.


On Friday, we had a second slip and slide water party at the pool.  See the first one here.  I decided to use the baseball slip and slide and the kids had a total blast!! There were at least four kiddos on the slip and slide all night.

On Saturday we all had big plans.  The boys were heading to Jeff’s parents for a sleepover and nine holes of golf.  They played at a course that mimics famous holes from golf courses around the country.  Jack recognized a bunch of holes and couldn’t stop talking about it on Sunday. Luke had a blast and was thrilled to ride in the cart with Chief. Jack got to ride with Grandma Karen and shared a bunch of TicTacs with her.

Jeff went to Guys’ Night at the pool.  There was a cornhole tournament, grilling, and maybe a little swimming.  Jeff and his partner WON the tournament and got these fancy belts.

I was off for a girls’ day/night and bachelorette party for my friend Sarah.  She is getting married in October and we were all so excited to have a reason to spend the day together.  We got together around one and headed to Black Ankle Vineyards.  It is beautiful and the weather was perfect! (Photos from the Black Ankle website)

Ned, our wine-tender, led us through this tasting and there were some yummy wines in there!

I ended up joining the wine club so we’ll get 3 bottles of wine each quarter to try.  I picked the mix of red and white wine option and can’t wait for my first selection in September.

We stayed at the vineyard for a few hours before packing it up and heading to downtown Sykesville.

There was a block party going on and we decided to grab dinner in town.  The live music on the street was great while we waited for our table at the restaurant.  We at a great local restaurant, EW Becks, and headed back out to the block party.

After the block party ended, we headed back to my house. I didn’t take any pictures when we came back, but we had a great time dancing, talking, and laughing until midnight.

A few of the girls spent the night, so Sunday morning was filled with laughing as we recounted the events of the day and night. When the girls headed home, I grabbed the boys and we had a low key afternoon at home.  I went to the track to get my run in on Sunday. It was most definitely a red flower run (warrior spirit). I haven’t had much sleep lately between traveling, Luke’s trouble sleeping with poison ivy all over his belly, and late nights with the girls. There is no way I was missing a day because day 600 in my run streak is Thursday! I’ll be right back at this track with some girlfriends to run and celebrate!

Then we headed out to pick out first day of school outfits and shoes.  Mission BBQ happened to be in the same parking lot as Dicks’ Sporting Goods so it was an easy, yummy dinner for the Parsons.

I grabbed Educated by Tara Westover last week at the library on the 7 day shelf.  I didn’t finish The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George yet, so I broke my rule of only reading one book at a time, and started Educated.  It is amazing so far! I apologize if I see you at the pool today because my nose will be in that book! I am determined to finish it by the time the library opens on Tuesday morning.


This is my last week of summer. Luke and I are heading into school tomorrow morning for a few hours while Jack is at golf camp.  Then we have a well check ups with a new dr and plans to be at the pool until it closes.  The rest of the week will look pretty similar: pool, sunshine, time with the boys to take advantage of these last few days.  I love my job, but I also love summertime with the boys.  I hope you have a great week full of sunshine and books!

☀️ 📚 😎

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