Friday Favorites – 1/26/18


Happy Friday! I am all kinds of celebrating over here because we made it through our first 5 day week since the middle of December. All last week I kept saying, “We really need a 5 day week to get back into a routine”, but now I realize that was ridiculous! 5 day weeks are exhausting for everyone, the teachers, the parents, the kids. So hooray for us, we made it!!

Favorite 1 – My new-to-me Erin Condren planner cover.  After I got some sunshine on my cheeks in Mexico, I am totally ready for summer.  Bring on the hot, humid weather, time at the pool, the sunshine, the easy going schedule, grilling dinner, the list goes on and on. I am a summer girl at heart and my planner cover says it all.


This cover was in the Summer Seasonal Bundle on Erin Condren’s website. I didn’t order it in time and was super bummed to have missed it.  This cover is so me. A friend who got the bundle also decided it was me and gave it to me.  It made me so happy. I saved it for when I needed a little summer cheer and this week was the perfect time for it!

Favorite 2 – Orange packages on my doorstep are always a favorite. I finally got around to making our 2018 family calendar.  This calendar hangs on our refrigerator and is visible for all to see. I color code it, my mom and Jeff’s mom even have a color some months, and you can easily see what’s happening. I purposefully put pictures from the previous year in each month so we can have a monthly “Awww, where does the time go” session. The calendar came yesterday and I love it. The background is more neutral that I usually pick, but its perfect because it doesn’t detract from the events or the pictures.


Favorite 3 – Girls weekends! I know you are thinking, didn’t you just go away Sarah???  You’re right I did, but that was a couples weekend.  The timing was a little tricky to come home on Tuesday and leave again on Friday night, but I will do everything in my power to make it to a girls weekend.  This particular group is a mix of wonderful girls. I’ve known two girls for over 30 years, 2 girls for 20 years, and recently met the other 2 in the last 5 years.  We bring so many different experiences and perspectives to each conversation and it makes this girls weekend one of my favorites!  We laughed so hard this weekend (see pictures) and danced/step aerobics until the wee hours of the morning.


Unable to control the giggles in the restaurant 🙂


Unable to control the giggles in the parking lot 🙂


Barely controlling the giggles for a group picture 🙂

Favorite 4 – Favorite Things parties! We had a favorite things party while we were at the beach.  More coming next week, but check out this super soft blanket my friend Jamie brought as her favorite thing! A cozy chair, this blanket, and a book or show has been a giant favorite this week.


Favorite 5 – Fellow Flowers and my BRF (best running friend). Jamie and I ran the Power Through virtual run for Fellow Flowers this weekend.  It was the purple flower (no excuses) run. My purple flower was my first flower and it really spoke to me,  This run was wonderful. The sun was shining and I had a lot of thinking time about the excuses that I have been using to avoid certain things.  I finished our 4.25 miles ready to make some changes!

Favorite 5 – This is a looking forward to favorite – I am looking forward to watching my boys on the court and the field this weekend. I haven’t seen Jack play basketball in 3 weeks, Luke play indoor soccer this season (it started last week), or Luke play basketball in 2 weeks.  I am ready to assume one of my favorite roles – Sports Mom!

Have a super week everyone!

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