What’s Up Wednesday

WhatsUpWedUpdatedHi! It’s What’s Up Wednesday and here’s what is up in my world: CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, and MORE CHRISTMAS!!!! I love every crazy, tired, busy, joyful moment of this Christmas fun!  Here’s what’s up with the Parsons…


What we’re eating this week: We are eating all of the leftovers in my fridge to make room for all of the Christmas weekend meals. We had Christmas with my dad’s side last weekend and there was SO MUCH FOOD!  Monday – leftovers, Tuesday – leftovers, Wednesday – grabbing a bite at the mall when we finish up shopping with the kids, Thursday – leftovers or pancakes, Friday – leftovers or pizza, Saturday – who knows???, Sunday – my mom always makes the best roast for dinner on Christmas Eve!

What I’m reminiscing about: The sweet Christmas programs that my kids performed in during preschool.  Jack was Joseph when he was 4. He was so proud to have such a big role and practiced being Joseph all the time!


Luke went to preschool for two years. The 3 year old program is as sweet as can be and the kids just wear headbands. When it was Luke’s turn to be in the 4 year old program, he was the, self-proclaimed, Holy Donkey.  His dearest friend was Mary and the two of them were adamant that the Holy Donkey HAD to carry Mary down the aisle to the manger.  The preschool teachers, and the parents, were nervous about Mary and the donkey’s entrance all day, but Luke and Mary walked in together just like they were supposed to.


What I’m loving: I am loving all of the lights around town. Seeing all the lights outside in the dark make me smile and truly bring me joy! I am also loving all the holiday parties. We have laughed through so many events – kid parties, grown up parties, family parties, kid and grown up parties.  Christmas has given us a great reason to get together with those we hold dear and have fun!

What we’ve been up to: I feel like a broken record over here… We’ve been up to celebrating Christmas.  We had the first of our Jammies and Christmas Lights drive through nights with Chick-Fil-A milkshakes, peppermint chocolate chip for me.


We have been baking up a storm. I started on Thursday and baked for 2 days straight (when I wasn’t at work). I was responsible for the cookies for our weekend celebration. I made mint chocolate chips, regular chocolate chips, peanut blossoms, buttercream candy, pretzel/Hershey Kiss/M&Ms, and sugar cookies. We had a 2 hour delay on Thursday and a 2 hour early dismissal on Friday for snow and I used all 4 of those hours to bake.

What I’m dreading: I am not really dreading anything. I can’t wait for Christmas Break to spend a whole week with my family and not have any obligations.  I’m dreading these last 3 days of school, but just a little. Kids are SO EXCITED for Christmas, but that can make teaching the last 3 days this week a little tough.

What I’m working on: This blog. Over winter break, I am going to plan out a more regular schedule for posting, link ups, and topics. I also need to wrap. As in, I have wrapped nothing so far and it is December 20th!

I am also teaching my students about Julabokaflod, the Yule Book Flood.  It is an Icelandic tradition and we are learning about it in media this week. It is the perfect way to end the year, learning about a winter tradition and then getting cozy and reading for the remainder of the media class.  I also decided that we are incorporating Julabokaflod at the Parsons family Christmas Eve celebration. I carefully picked out books for everyone and hope it is a hit! I may even have this baseball tshirt to teach in 🙂

Image result for jolabokaflod clothing

What I’m excited about: We have some very fun surprise plans for Christmas break and I can’t wait to have some fun. We are going to ICE at the Gaylord, a Maryland basketball game, and a White House tour planned.  I am also excited for New Year’s Eve. It marks day 365 in my run streak. I will have run every single day for 365 days in a row! I am hoping to meet some friends at the high school track to run and then head home for a celebratory brunch.

What I’m watching/reading: I am watching all the Hallmark movies after my kids go to bed, all the Christmas movies they love while they’re awake, and throwing some Pioneer Woman in for some fun new ideas. I have been reading Christmas books. I am currently reading Nantucket Christmas by Nancy Thayer. Next up, rereading The Autobiography of Santa Claus by Jeff Guinn.

What I am listening to: I have been listening to about 20 different Christmas playlists on Amazon Prime music.  I love Kindle Christmas, Holiday Lights, 50 Great Songs for Holiday Entertaining, Christmas Pop, Holiday Office Party, and Feel-Good Christmas. In the car, we’ve been listening to Sirius Holly and Holiday Traditions.

What I’m wearing: I decided to try some leopard pants for a Christmas party this weekend. I was a little unsure, but they are so comfy and I decided I like them. The pants are the pixie pant from Old Navy, the booties are Toms and unbelievably comfortable, and the top is a Gibson top that so many people have been talking about. It is seriously soft!!


Since it is our last week before Christmas break, we have theme dressing days to celebrate different winter holidays so my outfits have been a little different.

I picked up this dress for the White House, there was a chance we were going this week, but it will look great in January and Christmas. I can’t find it in the pine color, but here’s the link. I love this style and Eliza J dresses.

Main Image - Eliza J Fit & Flare Sweater Dress

I picked up this camo vest when it was 50% off at Old Navy. I love it even though it is very far outside of my normal style!


I also got this tank top/sports bra/quarter zip combo at Old Navy during that 50% off online sale. I love the sparkle and the fun back. It is super comfy to run and do strength training in.

What I’m doing this weekend: We have basketball games on Saturday. Sunday is Christmas Eve and we spend the morning with Jeff’s family and then come home to go to church with my family.  My parents and sister stay for dinner and spend the night at our house so we can all wake up together for Santa in the morning. I love it and can’t wait for it!

What I’m looking forward to next month: MEXICO! Jeff and I are going away with two other couples over Martin Luther King weekend. I am looking forward to some grown-up time in the sunshine!  And then, the next weekend I am heading to the beach with some girlfriends for a Favorite Things weekend.  Hopefully we’ll get a snow day or two thrown in there and it will be a fabulous month!

What else is new: Not too much. We are looking into joining a local gym and putting the boys on winter swim team. I am not so sure how that is going to fit in, but they both love swimming and it is such good exercise.

Have a great week!  Merry Christmas everyone!!


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