Friday Favorites


I missed last week, so this week will be full of 2 weeks of favorites. They are a little out of order, but here we go…

1-On Thursday after Thanksgiving, we went to The Lion King and it was amazing. It was our boys’ first Broadway play and they were completely in awe for the whole show! Jeff, my parents, and I have seen the play before and I am not sure if we enjoyed the show or watching our boys enjoy the show more. Their faces were full of wonder through the entire show!

2-A trip with Jeff is always a favorite! We boarded a plane at 8 am on Sunday, December 3 and boarded our plane home at 9:45 pm the same day! We went to Atlanta to watch the Falcons (Jeff’s favorite team) play in their new stadium.  That stadium was AMAZING! It was so easy to get from the airport to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and we are already planning to go back next year.


3 – We live so close to Washington, D.C. and had a great time spending Saturday morning at the Museum of American History and visiting the National Tree.  It was daylight so the trees weren’t lit, but it was still beautiful.

We went to the Washington Monument but didn’t have time to do an official tour. The boys were shocked to see that they aren’t even as tall as 3 blocks.

4 – Jack had a big 2 weeks of sports. His soccer team was a finalist in their league and was honored at a Baltimore Blast soccer game and he had his first basketball game.  This boy loves all the sports and is happiest when he gets to play them.  This mama loves to watch my kiddos do the things they love! Big favorite!

5 – The Tooth Fairy came to visit Luke.  He lost his first tooth when he collided with another little boy at recess last year. But he just lost his first wiggly tooth.  It was very exciting and the Tooth Fairy brought him some sugary gum so hopefully some more teeth would fall out for her.

6 – Christmas is coming and baking is a favorite of mine.  I took some time to bake for our Kacmarski family Christmas tonight.  We had a two hour delay for some snow this morning and I used that time to prep for my baking marathon tonight.  Between this morning and evening, I made pretzel/Hershey kiss/M&M treats, mint chocolate chip cookies, buttercream candy, and peanut blossoms. Tomorrow night we’ll add chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Luke was my Hershey Kiss helper!

We had a little malfunction with the second batch of Hershey Kisses so we added some powdered sugar and are calling them “Snow Mountains”.

7 – Last favorite of the post is our annual visit to Hershey Park’s Christmas Candy Lane.  We went with 4 other families and had 10 boys between the ages of 5 and 9.  This group of families are so much fun and the kids always have a blast.  We get a lot of “Wow, that’s a lot of boys” and “No girls, really, none at all?”, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  These friends are like family and we always have a blast!  More on our trip next week, but here’s a sneek peek at our group. 🙂


We made it. That was a long post, but full of fun and favorites. Here’s the actual order we did these things: 11/30 Lion King, 12/1 Blast Game, 12/2 Washington, D.C., 12/3 Atlanta (These few days pushed us to the brink of exhuastion but we made it through because of all the fun), 12/8 Luke lost a tooth, 12/9 Jack’s basketball game, 12/10 Hershey Park, 12/14 Baking Fun.

I’m off to work on some Christmas shopping.  Thank you Amazon, Loft, LL Bean, and all the other companies still promising free Christmas shipping!!


This glitter sign is one last favorite!! Happy Friday!


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