Workin’ It Wednesday


I am linking up with Shay and Erika today for Workin’ it Wednesday.  Today’s topic is Keeping Sane During the Holidays.  I have a few ways to keep sane.

Number 1 – Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

I need to move my booty to keep my brain feeling good. Last year I participated in a Fellow Flowers Facebook challenge that suggested 30 minutes of purposeful activity every day between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.  It took some dedication on my behalf and I’ll admit there were some days that I was stretching while watching a Hallmark movie.  But hey, stretching is part of physical fitness so I counted it.  I found that purposefully dedicating 30 minutes to move my body made a big difference in my approach, patience, and how I felt every day.

Number 2 – Write it down!

There is seriously so much to remember, do, hide, wrap, celebrate, see, visit, prepare, and on and on during the holiday season.  The only way I stand a chance at remembering anything is writing it down in my trusty purse notepad.  I always have it with me and there are always a few lists going.

Number 3 – Plan! Plan! Plan!

We love to cram as much fun into the Christmas season as possible! I love to drive around and look at lights, we do a Christmas lights run, watch my hometown’s Electric Lights Christmas parade, go to a local church’s drive through nativity, visit Santa, go to Hershey Park for their Candylane fun, see Santa on the fire truck, and get together with as many friends and family members as possible.  If I don’t strategically plan all the fun around basketball practices and games, baseball practice, school events, and my husband’s work schedule, there is a pretty good chance it isn’t going to happen.  I also make sure to plan for quiet nights at home to spend time watching Christmas movie favorites, read our favorite stories, and just relax.

Dazzle Dash 2016

Watching the Electric Lights parade from our favorite (warm) restaurant window 🙂


Ready for the always wonderful Drive Thru Nativity presented by the youth group

Hershey Park Happy 2016

So that is about it.  That is how I do my best to stay sane during the holidays. I hope you are managing to stay sane too!!

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