Friday Favorites – 7/14/23

Happy Friday! How is it already the middle of July! Slow down summer!! We had a great week over here and I have some favorites to share. Let’s get to them!

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Favorite 1: JACK!! This has been a week of Sarah and Jack! I have driven a ton and hardly spent any time at the pool and we had a great time! We got Jack’s high school uniforms (slow down time) and his computer (thank you Prime day).

Jack played in his last Drive, Chip, and Putt competition.

Jack played in his first FCA golf tournament.

Jack had an eye doctor appointment and picked out some glasses.

His pupils were huge all day!

Favorite 2: LUKE!! Luke is having a great week at soccer camp! I love hearing about all the drills, games, lunches that I don’t have to pack, and fun with friends at dinner each night. We have a great carpool going for camp drop off and pick up.

It has been hot and sunny and Luke’s cheeks are soaking up that sun.

Favorite 3: JEFF!! We got to go on a lovely walk around the golf course yesterday at Jack’s tournament. Now that he’s entering high school, Jack has to carry his own bag and Jeff doesn’t caddy for him anymore. So Jeff and I just walked along and enjoyed watching him play together.

Favorite 4: DRESSES! I don’t usually wear much besides a bathing suit, workout clothes, and pjs in the summer. With all of our activities I have been wearing the athletic dresses I have and I love them!

Favorite 5: GRAY CO!!I found this small business when Erica mentioned them and they are great. I have a few sets that I mix and match according to my outfits. They are comfy and fun to mix up. I love the click clack of a bracelet stack and these are perfect for that without being heavy!

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Thank you for all the advice about cell service on Monday! I really appreciate it! We have a busy weekend full of pool fun ahead of us and I can’t wait. I finish my class on Sunday and I am really looking forward to that! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Joanne says:

    I feel the same way about summer; it is just flying right by! It sounds like a wonderful week for everyone.

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